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I would love to see Larfleeze trying to steal the pieces of silver from the Phantom Stranger.

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So glad to see DeMatteis move onto this title. Nothing against DiDio but I love J.M.'s work on Captain America back in the day.

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Back drop makes it look like tony is smiling the whole time off camera

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Back drop makes it look like tony is smiling the whole time off camera

Tony's smile looks creepy

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DeMatteis is a great talent. I'm glad he is working again. Can't wait for Larfleeze and I think Phantom Stranger is the new most underrated book at DC. I'm having a lot of fun reading it -- and I wasn't going to read it because I am totally against him being Iscariot. Don't like biblical references in my DC characters. And it is weird because I love Archer and Armstrong -- just not at DC. It is like having Superman going into a church to pray; it doesn't work for me.

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That's as funny as hell about the tony backdropp!

I'm already getting PS and now that I know ray fawkes is doing pandora, I'm going to have to start a subscription for that too.

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The Trinity War event is the thing i have got the most excited over ever as a comic reader.

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Why is Tony interviewing Larry David?

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JM Dematteis. Legend.

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Yet ANOTHER I missed meeting at Wondercon! Love his run so far with DiDio on Phantom Stranger and look forward to even more! So excited for the Trinity of Sin stuff that is coming. Can't wait!