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Posted By InnerVenom123


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Posted By Duo_forbidden

Great video G-Man! So pumped for Superior Spider-Man!!

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Edited By Smart_Dork_Dude

I'm getting the first issue because, hey first issue and all that(I just like getting them. It's a past time so sue me). I've gotten over most of my rage over this, but there's still rage there. However my thoughts on this whole thing?

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Posted By knightofthechronicle

Really good G-man, I'll probably pick this up

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Posted By thespideyguy

It's too soon. I still am recovering from issue #700

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Posted By Tmul501

I'll pick it up. I'm probably going to pick up avenging as well. I think Dan is building up for a triumphant return of Peter eventually, and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Plus, Stegman.

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Posted By Icon

I don't think I need to know any more beyond what's in The Amazing Spider-Man #700 and I won't be reading this new series. Seriously, I wouldn't be able to spend money on it in good conscience.

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Posted By Notathug78

Congrats G-Man I had no desire to touch Spidey when I first heard about this concept, but you peaked my interest.

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Posted By bunkerbuster05

There are quite a lot of haters on this whole thing. I love it. I mean, uh, COMIC BOOKS PEOPLE.

The crazier the idea, the more I love it. keep up the amazingsuperior work, Dan Slott!

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Posted By DMC

great video dude!

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Posted By bob808

can't wait for Superior Spider-Man

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Posted By CptPanda29

Superior is not for me, maybe in a fair few years I'll pick it up in a collection - but it's a bit too much.

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Posted By dcfox

Doc Ock, the worst haircut in comics right next to Guy Gardner.

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Posted By Bonzi161

My 2 cents for what its worth. i have never followed the regular spiderman series (i do follow ultimate but that does not come into play here) so as someone from the outside of this series looking in (and as a huge fan of change in comics, i loved when Dick took over for Bruce in batman) i think this could have been handled better, im all for a change to Peter (like the did in ultimate) but i just dont like THIS change it seems sorta half assed and forced... i guess i just would have rather seen him die... flat out... or anything really... i just dont like how this sits... but i could be wrong and maybe its just what this series needs (like i said i dont follow it) i would have just rather seen it happen in a different way.

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Posted By xblah_blahx

Just because Dan Slott has some type of disguising doc Ock fetish where he likes to pretend he is Doc Ock we are stuck with this! This story is mediocrity at its finiest!

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

I can't wait for future storylines where people find out the truth. Hey maybe Superior Spider-Man will meet Miles Morales.

Note: The voice-acting on this video is hilarious!

Also, what about Norman Osborn? I can't shake off the feeling that he's going strike against him soon.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@StMichalofWilson: That's what everyone keeps forgetting to mention. He woke up from his coma and escaped from the hospital in 698. Everyone was too focused on Spidey and Ock to mention it!

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Posted By feargalr

Ohh neat video idea!

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Posted By Master_Thief

G man you and this site NEED to be on TV

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Posted By ZEELLO

great vid very informative. Also I have to say the modern renditions of Doc Ock were doing nothing for me so I was surprised to see how good he looked in his original appearance, what with his distinct head shape.

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Edited By UrmanitaRules

I'll be honest: when I first heard about this, I was INFURIATED like everyone else was. But then I understood why Dan Slott did what he did, and now I have a new appreciation for the change. And sure, while Peter Parker may be "dead", said it himself: "It's not gonna last forever": that means maybe someday down this ride the Peter we all know and love will indeed return. But for now, I'm actually pretty anxious about how Otto will go redeeming himself, Peter having given him a second chance in life. To this, I say Dan Slott's got GUTS. And in comics, that's a MUST. And I applaud him for that.

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Posted By Mandrewgora

I loved the ending to 700, sure I can understand the hate, but I'm super excited for Superior. Awesome shirt (in the first half) by the way.

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Posted By Mega_spidey01

looking forward to superior spider-man !

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Posted By redbird3rdboywonder

So I watched the video and I feel like I missed something. How did mapping out Parker's brainwaves allow for Otto to make the switch?

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Posted By SavageDragon

This was a great video, well done Tony.

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Posted By Referee

It's time like this I wish I still collected comics.

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Posted By Empurios

please Marvel stop killing peter parkers!

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Let ocktoe spider begin...all hail OCKTOE! Great video G-MAN it was well done.

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Posted By r3d_rob1n

I really don't know why they had to go about it this way. We already have a "Spider-man" looking to right past wrongs and start a new life in Houston. At least when reading about Kaine I don't have to be constantly plagued by that scratching feeling in the back of my head telling me that this forced, asinine stunt has no hope of surviving long and will be retconned in a matter of months.

I was actually watching Smallville the other day and saw the episode "Transference" in Season 4 where Clark and Lionel switch bodies. It is almost IDENTICAL to this. Lionel even has a change of heart from his evil ways at the end of the episode. I love Smallville, but it is no secret that any plot points used in one of those episodes should not be the main basis of an American icons final moments.

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Posted By xtremekidx

the vid doesnt work for me for some reason!help :(

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Edited By ArtisticNeedham

Watching the video now on youtube. I want to see Superior-Spider-Man fight Norman Osborne/Green Goblin and the Sinister Six (I don't mean the new ones they show in the preview). I mean the originals, Sandman and all that.

I am both excited and worried about reading Superior Spider-Man.

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Posted By HollowPrince665

I loved this video. I cannot wait to pick this up and give SSM a try. I never read Amazing so I am hoping to enjoy this. I read 698-700 and Avenging 15.1 so I know what happened. I hope SSM is everything that Dan Slott has said it was. Based on the previews, I think it will be great.

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Posted By BR_Havoc

Again I feel this is a meh for me. I mean I read the dying wish arc twice and I still feel like it was a C rated story with terrible pacing. I will give Slott the first SSM story line to wow me but as of right now I could care less.

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Posted By derf_jenkins

I am on board to see where this goes.

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Posted By BlueArrow

Did any off you see the picture of Stan lee ripping up this comic after he read it.

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Posted By CountMario

That was photoshopped BlueArrow. it was actually a Death of Superman comic.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@BlueArrow: What CountMario said, it was photoshopped.

No Caption Provided

Stan Lee did the letters page for 700. No way he'd do it if he was really opposed.

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Posted By leejunfan83

Wow amazing story line

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Edited By freeballer

Uhh.. He did roll over and die. And Otto's name will not be remembered, cause to the world he withered and died without that final diabolical scheme.. Total rip-off, bullshit, pain in the ass story and a pathetic end to a wonderful saga.

btw otto with a conscence is NOT otto. just as a phony putting on spidey's clothes, or this case body, doesn't make him spider-man

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Posted By tensor

Since peter is dead an gone, will there ever be a sense of humor to spiderman anymore?

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

See this was excellent G-Man, I really needed to know in a concrete way what was going on here since I don't follow Spider-Man. I'm pleased to see how this turned out and I'm not so up in arms about this switcheroo now. I may actually try SSM come Wednesday now.

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Posted By spiderturtle

A wild Mephisto appears!

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Posted By skyjumpermike

@redbird3rdboywonder said:

So I watched the video and I feel like I missed something. How did mapping out Parker's brainwaves allow for Otto to make the switch?

The same way a radioactive spider gives someone super powers... the magic of imagination.

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Posted By That60sGuy

@skyjumpermike said:

@redbird3rdboywonder said:

So I watched the video and I feel like I missed something. How did mapping out Parker's brainwaves allow for Otto to make the switch?

The same way a radioactive spider gives someone super powers... the magic of imagination.


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Posted By Teerack

With a title like this the videos focus should be aimed at getting people to not read it.

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Posted By Phaedrusgr

@Dark_Guyver: Well said.

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Posted By xtremekidx

finally watched it...man,this all sounds so awesome and sad at the same time...ill definitely check our superior spiderman.

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Posted By CRTrobinson

Thanks for the video, very well done.

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Posted By toptom

great great video. even the soundtrack was good!

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Posted By Hermatt

I don't mind this change. I don't love it, I don't hate it. I will be collecting Superior because I just love Spider-man whoever it is under the mask. Plus I think that this will lead into some pretty interesting stories. And G-man voice overs make everything easier to swallow.

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