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Charles Soule is batting a thousand. Last issue of Swamp Thing was insane. I need to catch up on some of his other stuff. Namely Red Lanterns and She-Hulk.

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Soule may not be always to my taste but I have a lot of respect for him juggling writing books for 2 or 3 comic book companies as well as working as a lawyer to boot.

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Nice, look forward to Doomsday. He looks as powerful as H/P(if not morE) considering what he did to WW.

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Soule's Swamp Thing and Superman/ Wonder Woman have just been fantastic.

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@lvenger: I respect him for making Guy Gardner likable, always loathed the guy.

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@2cool4fun: Even Soule hasn't made me like Guy Gardner but I love how Superman roughs him up in the recent Red Lantern issue once he sees Kara as a Red Lantern.

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Superman was "Doomed" as soon as Lobdell got ahold of him.

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… Romita Jr.’ Superman on back plan T_T

Charles certainly looks like a nice guy and I have tremendous respect for him as for writer capable to write so many books and keep them on a level.

After reading his SM/WW I decided to try Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns – and that was totally worth it (plus first time in my life I don’t want to kill Gardner on spot and like how unbiased was Supes in that book).

Looking forward to Superman: Doomed.

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Looking forward to Doomed. His work on Red Lanterns and Superman/Wonder Woman has been amazing!

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Red Lanterns has been such a fun book and Red Daughter of Krypton has been amazing so far looking forward to Doomed.

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This guy is such a great writer¡

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7 books, lawyer, and a band. What we don't know is he's secretly the flash.

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Supes/WW and Swamp Thing have been great, will probably check out Red Lanterns in trade too

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7 books, lawyer, and a band. What we don't know is he's secretly the flash.

Or he is they are MOB RULE!

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How does he get anytime off!? Seriously, he must be working constantly.

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He is the first writer I actually took the time to learn his name, all because of sm/ww. If i had the money i would buy all of his work.

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Can't wait for doomed its gonna be epic