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From all I have seen and heard of him, he seems like such a great guy. All that and he is a great comic book writer too.

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@cyberchop979: He's not just a great comic book writer, he's the greatest comic book writer, created as a piece of fiction that came to life.

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What's with the weird art?

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@evilvegeta74: Blame Ramos

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@Brownghost said:

@evilvegeta74: Blame Ramos

Alpha looks like Brett Michaels, or some other 80's rocker!

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Just heard he's taking on Ultimate Comics Ultimates...should be awesome!

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Oh Fialkov, how ever the great salesman you are! Applause sir...applause.

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I'm looking forward to the rest of this books. Like all of Dan Slott's work he making something mediocre and then others make it great.

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I can not wait NOT to buy this.

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@Brownghost: it's Nuno Plati

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The book is pretty awesome but I'm not a fan of Plati's art :(