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I'm really going to miss Mahnke on GL

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@mbecks14 said:

I'm really going to miss Mahnke on GL

Mee too. Hopefully, DC finds a place for him....Possibly illustrating the Trinity War event?

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@zeeguy91: That could be cool! I'd like to see him get a new ongoing series too.

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I'd like to see Mahnke's take on Superman....possibly take over art duties on Action Comics after Tony Daniels leaves

That would be pretty awesome

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<p>Darn it! This is some bad news. DM is a great artist and one of the reasons I started picking up GL. I loved how he drew hal as handsome as he did and starr saphire very beautiful and sexy but not in a slutty way as most comic artist end up illustrating girls.</p>

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Is that wishful thinking kltheflash? Because you can't replace a top artist like daniels with another top artist like doug. It just won't workout and I don't think daniels is going anywhere since he just started doing AC.

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Yessssss!! He is working on another project with Geoff! Now i won't be as sad when i read that final GJ/DM issue.

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Doug looks TIRED as hell,great interview

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LOVE LOVE LOVE Doug's work. I will follow where ever he goes! :D

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Ugh, finally. I really don't like his art.

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Mahnke, another one I missed having the opportunity to meet at Wonder Con. Definitely sad to see him almost done with Green Lantern. Will be interesting to see where he goes next!