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Lady Flash is evil

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lol in some cases yes its a good thing, but i'd prefer the opposite gender character to have they're own personality ,goals and even they're own moral code. otherwise they're just clones.

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superman & his female & male dup are the worse offenders became pathetic .

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Some of these characters like She-Hulk were allegedly created to keep other companies from doing female versions of popular characters and taking money out of Marvel or DC's coffers. Now it seems like lazy writing to me. Making the characters have somethig besides gender seperating them is far more intrtresting.
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I think its a coin flip, like you said she-hulk and hulk are totally different and i like she-hulk compare to the various other amounts of feme fatals out there. top five: wonderwoman, she-hulk, paragon, x-23, storm. X-23 is the only one with a counterpart
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I feel like a female G-Man may have some issues, especially having the word man in her name

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It comes down to the charActer how do they use that power why should o Cade about sum telepath just because she/he is a telepath ? If the writer can make the charActer interesting then their existence is justified if not then off to the annals of wherever bad forgottencharacters go

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She-thing . . . . ewwwwwww. 
Maybe you should convince Sara to start calling herself Lady G-man . . . . something tells me that wouldn't fly, though.

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Don't forget about Loki and... well Loki.

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