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That Venom action figure is pretty cool!

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So so close Sara

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Yeah that Venom looks awesome. In other news an anonymous Star wars fan reported ""I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out... if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced".

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Please get David Lynch to director Rob Liefeld's Icons movie.....

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Good stuff, guys. Can't wait to see more pics of the Venom figure to decide whether I should take a trek to the nearest Disney store.

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I just can't take Puck seriously on a team like X-Force

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Whenever I see Rob Liefeld's name I reach for my bottle of Rolaids.

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Wizard Magazine once suggested years ago that they make a dramatic movie about the founding of Image Comics, one casting choice was Woody Harrislon (name?) as Erik Larsen. Matt Damon as Rob Liefield.

I think that would be a great movie, full of drama and conflict. Its about comic book writers and artists leaving the security of their jobs to start their own company in a shakey time for comics (right?). Could be a good movie.

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Main movie; Icons: The Collapse of Western Comics

Spin-Off: Liefeld: the Anatomical Impossibility

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Thanks for the news video. I'm surprised you didn't cover the gender switch for Kimmy Olsen, Though, I guess I should wait to see if that's covered on the podccast.

I've yet to see a spiked mohawk that looked good. Don't think I ever will.

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Tony needs to wear more funny shirts.

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The founders look young!

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Just remembering his Cap is enough to get me drunk stiff while playing Bioshock 2. (hard enough fighting villains while Gathering, try doing it when your character is drunk off of his butt.)

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I was just thinking what if Rob Liefeld and Uwe Boll met and had a meeting of the minds. The fly on that wall would look for the nearest spider web and embrace death.

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I want Tommy Wiseau of the Room to direct the Image comics movie.

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I would walk in and steal that figure.

Just saying.

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Drew cameo, nice

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I really enjoyed Justice League, Green Lantern, & Avengers' new issues. However, I was going to pick up Uncanny X-Force #1, but not sure why I never did.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:



:) "Heee-lp me-e!" A nod to the 1958 sci-fi classic The Fly.

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I felt so bad for the fly. It's just too cute with that voice. XD

But yeah, that's what I think a fly on Liefield's wall will end up doing.

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Nice news segment. That Venom figure did look pretty cool.

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