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Looks creepy!

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Justice League movie with too much New Gods mythology just seems like a messy situation to me.

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I can't wait to see the Wolverine trailer! The Man of Steel one was awesome, I want him as Superman for the Justice League movie.

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Thanks for the news run down. It will be missed next week. I look forward to the podcasts. I like listening to them while I play UNCHARTED 3 online co-op.

Oh, Sara. I can't believe you forgot about that awesome MAN OF STEEL trailer. I don't remember the satillite scenes in the previous GI JOE trailers.

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Im surprised you didnt mention the Pacific Rim trailer dude! that movies looks awesome.

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Good Job you 2. :)

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It'd be quite interesting if a Justice League movie ended up having a version of the universe destroyed, and at the end it'd go to another universe.

I don't know the logistics, but it'd be a neat twist.

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How could you forget?!!! You should be embarrassed. :p

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is that joker in a nightwing costume or nightwing under the effects of a joker toxin?

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Tony rocking to Adele.


Anyway, great news week but it was pretty slow for me.

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To use an analogy of a flaw in my exam techniques, I have a problem of rushing through the question not fully looking at it to see what it is saying and how I should answer it. And when I do that, my essays tend to be quite bad. This is the problem I see with the Justice League film. If they rush it without looking at how to make the film as good as they possibly can, it'll fall at the final hurdle.

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G-Man: "A.D.!"...I LOVE IT!

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I haven't watched Arrow yet I didn't know they cast Colton Haynes as Roy I wonder if he's dying his hair red????