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- This format is perfect -well done sara. :)

"Color me Intrigued!"

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Yay, the return of geeky babs. Me heart.

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Grr.. I'm avoiding spiderman clips (it kinda seems like they've released the entire movie now doesn't it?) so I'll have to give this news a miss until Tuesday. But I'll watch it babs! I'll watch it all!! MUH HA HA HA HA

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Nice weekly video - (well except for the hard edit at 00:14 seconds.)

Still worried about the Guardians rumors - hopefully they'll dump Rocket Raccoon - really reminiscent of the botched Green Lantern movie.

Honestly I'm hoping that the rumor mill is wrong - and this actually turns out to be a - dare I hope ...


- then bring in the Guardians of the Galaxy?

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It's not working for me...

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I am not interested in the new Total Recall film at all

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I've only watched 2 trailers and that is it...after that the story reveals itself to much. So I still feel like I need to see the movie, plus I have only seen 1 clip of the Lizard so that would be all new for me.

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So Kratos is in the Guardians of the Galaxy, that seems a little out of place...

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@TheCrowbar said:

It's not working for me...

This still does not play for you?

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i would be Super interested in a film Nova... but i would rather he get his own first. Its been pretty obvious to me since Thano's was revealed that there would be some sort of Space heroes movie, and with all the other ones i can think of tied to mutants (ie StarJammers and the Inhumans ) who are in turn tied to Fox, i figured that only left the Guardians. and now that ive finally played Marvel vs Capcom 3, the Nova and Rocket Raccoon inclusion make it even more likely.

... i just dont want Nova in a team movie. Its probably my love for the early character ( i feel a New Warriors #1 re-read brewing), but i think he deserves a Green Lantern-esq movie first.

and i give no cares for This Is War. maybe i will later, but the pile of ridiculous and re-hash that is Avengers vs Xmen is getting on my nerves, and it actually had my attention in the beginning. If they really are about to have Avengers get bested by people with guns, im out. Seriously, The Avengers should even be able to take down Sheild if they had to, so i cant think of any force in the Marvel U that can arm a bunch of guys with rifles and be a threat to the avengers.

i guess we will see. Great news segment as always Babs.

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Thanks for the new video, it works on youtube for me.

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@SpitfireINK: The Silver Surfer movie rights are owned by Fox so the mystery Marvel movie literally couldnt be the Silver Surfer. In fact I think Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty much confirmed.

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When did Liz Lemon get hired by Comicvine? 8 P

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I wonder if Rocket Raccoon and Nova being put into MvC3 was some sort of long term power move if they've got that movie planned.

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Happy 4th of July to my friends in America and to those in Canada, have a great Canada Day.

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@Babs said:

@TheCrowbar said:

It's not working for me...

This still does not play for you?

Nope works now.

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Mmm Nova was one of my favorite Marvel heroes.

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this was a very good mix of sara/voiceover/viewing what your talking about. i think you guys finally figured the right amount of editing for the comicvine news

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For all those looking forward to Spider-Man here's an adorable interview with Andrew Garfield.

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@CitizenJP said:

Mmm Nova was one of my favorite Marvel heroes.

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Over 2300 unread messages Sara? You're behind. ;p

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I haven't seen the clips that way I would be surprised when I see the movie. I hope it is good!!!

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@noj: I think a lot of people need clarification - No Company other than Disney - own the rights to any Marvel Character.

What the other Production Companies have are in fact - "Licensing Agreements" - to appear in a particular "format" - in most of these cases - "film only."

Those studios paid Marvel to produce movies using Marvel Characters.

In ALL of those Cases - the FILM rights over a stated period of time WILL REVERT to MARVEL - period -

Blade is one of those characters that has since reverted back to Marvel.

Fantastic Four is another set to do so very soon. - And to clarify that - Marvel never relinquished its rights to the Silver Surfer (only had a licensing agreement for 1 movie).

Another stipulation of these "Licensing Agreements" - such as the one for "Spider-Man" - is that Sony is REQUIRED to PRODUCE a NEW FILM every so many years

and that a portion of all the earnings be paid to MARVEL - otherwise - the Rights to Produce the FILMS - REVERT to MARVEL.

And in ALL of those "LICENSING AGREEMENTS" there is a Final date of Distribution -

My understanding is that ALL the "LICENSING AGREEMENTS" will CEASE & REVERT to MARVEL - no later than JANUARY 1st 2014!

(of course some are set to revert sooner - such as the Fantastic Four).

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Posted by SpitfireINK
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How is Rocket Raccoon a bad thing?

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@Dylabaloo: Nice find!

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@Babs: You look so pretty, Babs. =)

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I'm going to post what everyone is thinking... We love the see thru shirt and we want to see a swimsuit for July 4th... that is all :)

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@Mumbles said:

this was a very good mix of sara/voiceover/viewing what your talking about. i think you guys finally figured the right amount of editing for the comicvine news

Agreed, no jarring voice levels, either.

Anywho, I'll check out Total Recall. Just like I check out every remake for some reason.

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I have a saturday ticket!! so excited to go to comic con.

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When I hear Nova...all I hear is just "GRAVEMETRIC PULSE! Take that! Energy javelin! Energy javelin! Rocket punch! Take that! BRING IT.... POWER OF THE NOVA FORCE!!!" as for Rocket Raccoon... LOG TRAP!

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Also you were literally see through in this vid @Babs. I could see the background through your arm and upper torso at times it was pretty weird.

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I didn't even think about it being friday till you said it 0_0. This week really did fly by. Also come on Nova movie! I'm hoping it becomes like a Nova movie featuring Guardians of the Galaxy. I'd really want it to be told through his point of view. Is their any word about what DC is revealing in terms of film at Comic-Con? If anything at all. I'm really hoping to hear a trailer for Superman or something.

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Thanks for the weekly wrap up, Sara. A Happy 4th to you, as well. I really like the touch of how you direct users to the wiki page to learn more about the character. That could be a cool feature to point out the work done by users that ties in with recent comic events.

Doesn't it seem weird that Marvel constantly puts out previews for new events before the current one is even done? Enough with the events already. It's like dealing with a drug addict. They keep saying they'll stop, but they never do. Always chasing the Fin Fang Foom.

You can't take those event preview images seriously. So often they suggest things that never even happen.

I heard about that 23 minute clip of the ASM movie. How sad is it that Sony has put out a total of 23 minutes of what will more than likely be a 90 minute movie - not counting credits? I used to be really excited for this movie, but now I'm feeling I could wait for DVD. I mean, I never really wanted another origin story movie.

I'm open to Garfield, despite his pretty-boy hair style. I actually think his slim build is perfect for a young Spider-man. I never like it when artists make Spidey too beefy.

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Anyone else see the amount of PMs Babs has, 2,233.

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Nova in a movie appeals to me. Sara you have an AWESOME ID-4 now!

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@SpitfireINK said:

Lots of stuff about the licensing deals

Big thanks for clearing that up for me.

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@Xtremesteve: Sara is HOT. How about her in a different super hero cosplay every week. LOL

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People on this site are pretty creepy

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@HolySerpent said:

People on this site are pretty creepy

True enough....


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Hey, Sara, nice news segment. :)

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@tamabone said:

@Xtremesteve: Sara is HOT. How about her in a different super hero cosplay every week. LOL

Let's try NOT to perpetuate the socially awkward stereotype that is so often associated with comic book readers.

Sara's pretty. We get it. That shouldn't be her defining characteristic. She doesn't do these videos to get weird comments or people telling her how hot she is. She does them because it's part of her job and something she enjoys doing for the site.