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Last night's Conan had him making fun of the Spider-Man musical, and I assure you it was hilarious. 
In all seriousness, though, I'm kinda worried about that Walking Dead news.  Why  would Darabont wanna do such a thing?  Is he not aware how well the show is doing?  I am sadly getting the feeling that this first season of The Walking Dead will be the best. 
Great job as always, Babs.

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@ImperiousRix:  Likely this will be the last season of "The Walking Dead"
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Great new Babs. Wow next season of Walking Dead won't be till next Oct? That's a long time to wait, really been enjoying it. Will be picking up the collection of dvd's when they come out.

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The Walking Dead news is very strange. It really doesn't seem like a smart move at all.

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Why am I never seeing these news reports on this site anymore? Just in the news video...

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Thanks again babs and i hope you had a great week too...:)

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I have nothing but confidence that Zak Snyder will be GREAT for Superman.  We know we're gonna get a darker tone for sure.  He obviously likes to stay true to characters as well.  Can't wait to see what he does. 

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yay for all-star sexyman <3 
and babs im wearing a shirt similar to your's =D
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Dancing comic book heroes??? Oh no no no .... :(

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Nice!!!! Very impressive news for this SUPER news, Spiderman, Superman Walking Dead, so many things... So little time to catch up on them.

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By the time the new season comes out, people will probably lose interest...that's way  too long if that's really the time frame.

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NO MORE NOLAN?????? what does the world hate me? Damn i hate how everyone thinks supes is too "invincible" or "unrealistic", Nolan could have changed this type of attitude.  
"do you wanna see your fave superheroes singing and dancing?"........yyyyyyeah,........

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Oh, mixed emotions. Nolan attached to the Batman movie gave me some hope. While I enjoyed Watchmen, this news gives me a bad feeling we are going to just get another warped version of Superman. Also, it makes me wonder why Nolan is no longer attached. Is it just scheduling, or are they doing something he wants nothing to do with.
I've missed the past two episodes of The Walking Dead. My area has been going through this digital cable transition and I lost several channels, AMC being one of them. What sucks is that this change wasn't suppose to be happening until the first of next year. I got my new cable box this week. At least I'll be able to see the last episode of the season. I'm hoping for reruns.
I enjoyed watching it, but I'm not so into it that I would want the DVDs.
Thanks for the news, and have a good weekend, all.

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Superman needs a real villain in the next movie and not Lex and kryptonite again.

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Love you Sara

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@Ston3face: Considering how well the ratings have been and that it has been renewed already, there will most definitely be a second season. It's just a shame it won't premiere until Halloween 2011.
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Actors stucked in mid-air ? I know it's not funny for them but still, I'd love to see that !

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Can't wait for All-Star Superman!!!!!!!!!

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Im kind of disappointed Nolans no longer attached to superman...It seems like Batman gets all the love in media whereas Superman just gets written off and tossed to the side
However, im confident that Snyder can make a good, hopefully, great superman movie....i just wish Nolan was still attached
Snyder better not overuse slow motion though lol

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Let's hope Snyder realizes that Lex Luthor isn't Supermans only villain when he makes this new film.

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All Star Superman wasn't all that great. The first book was good but I didn't like how it ended.  
I'd like to see them work Metallo into the next movie. As a minor villain. He pops up at the right moments and it could make for some suspenseful stuff. 

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Thanks for the news, Babs!

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Completely agree - don't think I can think of a movie he did that I didn't like...  
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Big bunch of great news! Fun stuff^^

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I'm guessing that they'll cut out the Bizarro stuff from the story.

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Aw, disappointment #2 for me today.
No Nolan on Superman, that sucks. 
Though, I'm still excited for the movie & I'm sure it'll be great, but Nolan would have made it AMAZING.

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Nolan's isn't attached but his creative input has been included in the process (so far).
Besides, producer doesn't do any directing so hearing Nolan's wife say "we're handing the film off to Snyder" shouldn't be too hard to believe. It's Snyder's film. Nolan's just the producer (or was?).