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Thank You for asking about Kitty Pryde Tony!
Can't wait to see what her story is!!!
Not sure I want to read Uncanny X-Force, but I would want to kill Deadpool during missions...
What was the new book's announcement?
He loves CV! Yay!

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I want to get New Mutants now

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Yay Kitty! Finally she gets do do something. I'm not liking the five lights. Hopefully it will go in a new direction or have a cool backstory. But I just hate Greg Land. Everyone looks the same.

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I only like storm when shes part of the x-men. Im glad shes somewhat coming back to the x-men.

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Really looking forward to The Five Lights in Uncanny, as well as Legacy, Generation Hope, the "shocking" stuff in New Mutants, and X-Force. In particular I can't wait to see more of Kitty. 

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@sora_thekey: X-men Genaration Hope written by Kerion Gillion about the five lights and hope 
Cant wait for uncanny x-force
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I love Nick Lowe.

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Glad to see more Kitty and Storm :]

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Okay, this one made me feel "old," G-Man.  How is that guy an editor?  He looks like a kid! lol  Very cool interview though.

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Kitty!!!! ^_^

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Im gonna be getting every x-title  cant wait for new mutants  want to see more of Kitty  interested on these 5 lights
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Is it just me or does it looks like Nick Lowe lost some weight? Either way, he looks good. (no homo)

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G-Man what an AWESOME interview!!  Wow. Thanks so much for asking him about Uncanny X-Force!!!!!!!!!!! 
And Psylocke!!!!!!!!!! She's my fave!  
Would love a Rick Remender interview, also!    

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I don't believe anything the X-Editors say until I see it on panel sorry.

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@244 said:
"... (no homo) "

Thanks for clearing that up, cuz I'm sure everyone was wondering.

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After the first issue of New Mutants i wasn't excited, now I'm all promped up.

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@RafaGreyDanvers: Thanks. Rick was on my radar to interview but things were just crazy and our schedules didn't match up. I'll see what I can do.
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More Kitty Talk! All the X-man buzz at comic-con was sweet, but the chicks promoting the new Piranha 3D movie got my attention and got me overly excited for this wild 3d horror movie. Its the same dude who did  Hills Have Eyes and as a horror fan I could not ask for more. ITS IN FREAKIN 3D and there are sexy girls like the ones at comic con getting ripped to shreds. Amazing. I definitely want to check this one out. Whos coming with me?

Comic Con Pics "Wild Wild Girls"

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This is getting my even more psyched on Uncanny X-Force. Damn I'm going to need more money.

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Great interview! Nicke Lowe has my dream job - not only an editor, but editing X-MEN. And, he seems like he's a normal fan that understands why we love the characters.

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I agree with him: SC is one of the best X-stories ever!

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2 words: Can't wait. ^^

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X-Men's gotten too confusing for me, just probably stick to Wiki to see what everyone's doing