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I'm sad that the series is ending too

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He's so much nicer than Bender :P

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John is one of the best Jokers which came as a surprise. I thought he was going to be so-so, but he really nailed his part. 
I'm down for an Aquaman spin-off. I never thought I'd see myself type those words, but I am so down.

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He was a great Joker. I didnt know Brave & the Bold was cancelled that sucks!
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@longbowhunter: The final 13 episodes will be airing soon.
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That guy never gives a bad interview.

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I thot if he made is voice a little higher for joker he couldve been as good as mark hamill. 
His voice was just too deep for joker. but he did a great job tho

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John looks exactly how he sounds. Wierd thing to say but that is how I pictured him. 
I didn't take to Batman the Brave and Bold so I can't say I'm upset in any way.  As for his Joker, its awesome.; But then any character he voices is great as far as I'm concerned (his character is Chowder always make's me laugh even though its gibberish) and his commentaries on the Futurama DVD's remain a high point (particularly the one where Fry loses his nose)

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I can't see him as the Joker...just like the Joker in that other TV show where he's huge and deformed-looking. I don't like Joker being huge. He's this little dude that runs around stabbing people, and that's the thing about him. If you passed him on the street (without makeup and other...accesories) you wouldn't think twice.
But John did the best voice for Juggernaut...everXD

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man i love the dude

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Never seen Brave and the Bold... but I need to watch Red Hood!!!!
Wait he kills Robin?!?!? I didn't know that... I need to watch this movie even more now!
John DiMaggio is such a cool guy...
I say we all start the petition!!!!

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Well at least he is still in futurama and Adventure Time 
also the voice of Marcus Fenix in Gears of War

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@iLLituracy said:
" I'm down for an Aquaman spin-off. I never thought I'd see myself type those words, but I am so down. "
Likewise, haha.
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Hahaha awesome guy!

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oh my god its so funny when he says "comic vine is outrageous!!!" 
makes me smirk everytime =} i need to see under the hood so bad...but seriously...whenare they gonna put tim in a movie...come on...he is most peoples favorite robin and he seriously needs to be in a badass tired of waiting...i want him in a movie now...or atleast a video going to make a petition for THAT. because when i first saw the violent robin video i thought it was tim because oh hey guess what, thats tims costume. and it got my hopes up and then smashed them down... poor me =(

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lol comicvine is OUTRAGEOUS!

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I love him. Hes so successful in voice overing. I dont think it matters to him that much about this job. Hes also the dog in Adventure time. And Futurama has new shows every week now. He has a lot of jobs at the moment.

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I would love to hear Bender's take on ComicVine. I really, truly would.  
Can't wait to see John take his turn as the Joker....should be great!

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ComicVine is outrageous!

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So who's started the petition? Where do I sign? 
Also, that man is a Legend. (Some might even say he's OUTRAGEOUS!)

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LOVE his facial expressions!  Awesome!

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Don't believe I've ever seen/heard John DiMaggio so lost for words! Hopefully Under the Red Hood comes out in the UK, otherwise I shall be forced to import it.

Posted by Decept-O

He is so funny and well...animated.  Pun intended. 
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@elayem98 said:
" I thot if he made is voice a little higher for joker he couldve been as good as mark hamill. His voice was just too deep for joker. but he did a great job tho "
I think his voice was perfect for the type of Joker they drew. I don't think a higher pitched voice like the old Hammill one would've worked. This version was a but bigger, a bit stronger and the voice was perfect for that kind of portrayal.
Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin

i still cant see anyone else being as perfect for the voices of joker and batman as hamill and conroy are

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I really need to see this but I also haven't seen any of DCs older animated direct-to-DVD movies.  I'll probably work my way through them in order.

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That better be in the new intro.

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I saw a clip on youtube of Joker talking to Robin, it sounds like the Joker.  Its great, he did a great job.
Am I allowed to post it?
His Aquaman is now the definitive voice I imagine while reading the character.

Posted by kungnima

Just saw the movie.. frickin awesome.

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At first I didn't like his voice, but it really grew on me as the movie went on. And now I'm like, HOLY CRAP THE GUY WHO PLAYS BENDER DOES THAT TOO???
Posted by Landon

Never watched Batman: BatB, but I always heard good things. I guess I'll start watching it now.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

Haha, love this dude.

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he did a great job on the joker
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I'm thrilled to see John DiMaggio getting more work. he's one of the highlights on the Futurama commentaries, he and Billy West riffing off each other is PRICELESS.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

How can expect anything bad from Bender

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" How can expect anything bad from Bender "
That. DiMaggio is the man.
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Holy crap he kills Robin?!!
Netflix queued.

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This guy's OUTRAGEOUS!!
Let's start all an OUTRAGEOUS petition to bring back the Brave and the Bold or an Aquaman spinoff show! (dare I Aquaman: The Brave and The OUTRAGEOUS!!)

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One of my favourite voice actors. Can't wait to hear him again on Gears of War 3
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