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I guess having no favorite character makes me seem to be able to just tolerate or accept big comic book events continuously as they come. My guess was part of the reasons why most don't like comic events nowadays was due to the previous lackluster events that have come out. Such event titles like Age of Ultron which many here including myself didn't like it at all and personally made me begin doubting Bendis' writing abilities when it comes to main event's like this, and AvX where many felt the plot and premise of why the battle happened in the 1st place was akin to most fighting game stories where the bout per character tends to become the focus rather than the main reason behind the battle which makes a poor story to just pit characters against one another overall.

I will be picking up Axis on October hoping that Rick Remender gets back his writing magic from his Uncanny X-Force run.

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Most people seem to hate events these days, but comic fans are WAYYYYYY too negative. Don't get me wrong, events are out of control, but I would like some positivity. I still can't believe Marvel is kicking Axis off this soon after Original Sin. Don't get me wrong, I still think if there is a problem you should complain, like when networks screw us over with shows like Teen Titans Go, Beware the Batman, Ultimate Spider-Man, Agents of Smash, or Avengers Assemble, or when they over use a character, but in terms of comics themselves fans are still too negative. Aside from Comic Vine, anyone who runs a show or website about comics online always seems to hate them more then love them.

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Actually that would be a good topic, "Are comic book fans too negative?"

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I don't think the question "event comics good or bad?" is the right question. Event comics can be great. Some of the most memorable and enjoyable comics ever made have been events; Secret Wars, House of M, Identity Crisis and Civil War all come to mind. The question I would rather discuss is, "when is too many events?"

Back when it was one 6 or 7 issue miniseries a year, it was manageable and both the main story and the aftermath both had the time to be developed with thought. But now one event just leads into the next, not even allowing for the time for the book to be completed by a single creative team. I haven't picked up a Marvel event since Fear Itself, and I won't be picking up another one again until they take a good two or three years off. Because DC backed off for awhile, and took their time setting it up, I picked up Trinity War, ready to get back into an event comic. Only later would I find out that event would end in a cliffhanger for Forever Evil. Needless to say, I did not support Forever Evil with my money.

The sad thing is most people are not like me, and do continue to buy these books, which means the big two will continue on this awful exploitative path. But that doesn't mean the books are of quality or even that people enjoy them. It just means that the companies have found an effective way of extorting completionist fans and newcomers to comics who are led to believe that these events are an integral part of the continuity. They try to make us think that we NEED those issues in order to enjoy the hobby.

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I think that publishers need to slow down with the events. Ages ago it used to be an annual "blockbuster style" event, and it lived up to the hype- in that it was mostly a ground breaking story, with repercussions for some characters.

Now it seems that publishers are more interested in how many cross-overs they can churn out a year to boost sales. I understand its a business, but its a business based on story telling, not on profits and turnover.

If publishers focused more on telling a genuinely thrilling story where there were changes to the status-quo that actually stuck, I think they'd find that readers would naturally flock to them. Instead of just making sure the checklist is filled out on their PR blurb, and they've included every single title in the crossover lists.

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Comic book fans seem to hate everything these days. Nerds are the most dissatisfied people ever...

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@bl00dwerk said:

Comic book fans seem to hate everything these days. Nerds are the most dissatisfied people ever...

I sadly have to agree.

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Don't like events don't buy the books the big 2 should get the message.

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Speaking for myself only, I think 2008, 2009 was the last time I really enjoyed an 'EVENT' story ( World War Hulk..whenever that came out?)

I have just grown tired of the Hype:Quality ratio of these stories. To often you have 10-12 teasers promoting the story, creators saying how such and such are going to play a huge role, or how things....WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN...blah blah blah. Only to have the finished product fall behind schedule, contain needless deaths, or the story has a great concept, but in the 7-8 issues it takes to tell it loses focus and becomes confusing.

Secondly, it's constant...they keep coming. Over and Over. Crossover stories are becoming bigger and bigger, so it is hard to really appreciate the true EVENT anymore. We can't even get 3 issues into one MAJOR EVENT before you see teaser posters for the NEXT event that promises to shake things up.( Yes, I am looking at you Original Sin and AXIS)

I guess I grew up reading comics in the 80's and 90's. So to me, back then an EVENT meant Secret Wars or Crisis on Infinite Earths, not CHAOS WAR or AMAZONS ATTACK.

Just dial it back a bit, because as it stands now, Just from Marvel we have Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers just wrapped up a huge story arc, Death of Wolverine and New Avengers is playing a huge role in the future of Marvel. But just around the corner we have the debut of THOR, Falcon as Captain America, Spider-verse, and AXIS.

Not EVERYTHING you do needs to be EPIC and HUGE all the time. To steal the thought of Syndrome When everyone is super, no one will be.

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Top video as always. I find events to be exhausting, so much unnecessary stuff, I would much rather they have them every few years and spend the rest of the time crafting interesting smaller self contained events within the individual titles.

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Events in general are not bad. It's all about how the writers, editors, and publishing company intend to use them. Take Armor Hunters for example. Venditti is weaving an interesting story that gives you more insight into the X-O armor and what its true intent was. We know a lot more about Aric's origins and now Venditti is filling in some of the blanks about the armor origins. At the same time, other characters from the Valiant universe are being brought into the fold to fight a global menace. The Harbinger kids may never meet up with the Unity gang, but they are being brought into the crisis in an interesting way that makes me want to go back and read more of their stories in the Harbinger series.

DC and Marvel, read the Armor Hunters event and take notes . . . a lot of them.

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glad im not the only one here. for awhile iwas starting to feel like i was rowdy rowdy piper in that movie where he puts on the glasses and sees that everyone are really aliens, but only none believes him.

comicvine is one of the most negative and depressing sites on the internet, so called "comic fans" come here to complain about EVERYTHING that happens. they dont like any thing.

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@starbrand1: Really? you think this is the most depressing? trust me there are tons of other sites that just make you want to hate comics. Heck when I first got into comics one of those sites almost made me hat comics right from the get go. Luckily I realized it was wrong to let other people ruin what I enjoyed and moved on. Luckily a guy on Youtube has started a channel for new readers, and he is very positive, and hopefully that will help.

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I like events. They work as good start/end points. I tend to fall behind in things and then catch up just in time for the event, and then everything feels refreshed after and i can slow down and fall behind again.

The only issue I have with it is when the events start to dominate the stories of other books making their own stories take a back seat. Some times a tie in is all you need and you don't need to make a mess of a book to get your event story into it.

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For those who don't think events are completely out of control (especially in Marvel): Publication history of Marvel Comics crossover events

1990s: 17

2000s: 16

2010 - 2014: 23

The constant events effectively prevent comics from coming into their own. Now that they're making money hand over fist (or at least should be with all those films and merchandise) they should be investing in their future and let comics grow instead of going for easy payouts. I don't think comics today are getting the chances comics used to get to create something good.

As for negativity, it's dangerous to hide behind attacking negativity. When things are bad, things are bad. And it's perfectly normal to say so.

E.g. I think Marvel is in a very bad place right now, ideas wise.


For me, the last good Marvel event happened in 2010 (Second Coming).

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I like events but correct me if im wrong (and im sure you will) but arent comics supposed to be event after event?

Now maybe im getting the definition of events mixed up with arcs but how else are you supposed to tell a story that isn't a one shot and show any character development or progression?

Now unless events are big stories that have to cross multiple titles and have numerous tie-ins then yes theres too many of those as they can take away from the main story ie Death of the family i believe suffered from the tie ins ad other series like nightwing were damaged by forever evil (tho i do like grayson atm) i would of liked to see the book continue on its own path.

in my opinion (and thats all it is) series should have self contained arcs and cross over between one or more (but not necessarily all ) books every year or so at least seeing how it already takes a year to tell a complete story normally.

anyway i guess i just need clarification on what specifically the definition of an event is.

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Just finished Original Sin. It was pretty good, imo...

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This weekend I'm going to find time to read all of Infinity.

ALL of it.