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@g_man: Or maybe they just think that Aliens don't exists, whatever on tv is just some mojo jumbo or they probably think it's CGI, lol. Funny thing I was thinking of this topic when I read that Nova issue where Sam tries to pretend Aliens don't exist, lol and this where I made this joke here.

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Oh, cool! Thanks for using my suggestion!

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Good points. There would probably be a lot of people in the developing countries that would completely miss the whole thing, I mean all those people living in the middle of nowhere in Africa and China would never even get the news that there was an alien invasion. Lets face it, most of the events in comics happen in 'murica, so Americans may be the only ones getting most of the information.

How about a talk on why Technology in comics does not move forward very quickly when there are alien space craft, weaponry and auxiliary equipment being used captured or wrecked by heroes all the time. Why are they not at least reverse engineering that stuff!

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They do use that tech but it always seems to be against the heroes, when the villains are running amok their tech falls back to ineffectual tanks and machine guns.

Never mind the alien stuff, most of the best tech is made on Earth.

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Hell to the no! One of the worst ideas ever!