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They see light! And I see first!

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Thanks for pointing that out about Hobogoblin/Goblin-Knight. I totally forgot he was perhaps the only good guy that stayed as villain and looks like he won't be turning back. I am also loved what Dan Slott did to him as Goblin-Knight and it actually changed him for the better.

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Kid Miracleman in Miracleman is another example of a permanent villain turn if you go outside of the regular Marvel/DCU.

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Should real life events happen in comics like WW 2, Vietnam war, The war in Afghanistan?

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They do, at least in the Marvel Universe.

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They see light! And I see first!


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@g_man: How about doing a 2-minute video covering The Flash? Any and all characters, concepts, what have you. Just a suggestion if you don't mind. Thanks.

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is irredeemable a good read? and how about ultimate mr fantastic? he pretty much became dr doom

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every single dc superhero who has participated in injustice gods among us

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Lex turning to Hero

Doomsday turning good(temporarily helping Superman)

Few others