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I guess Tony can't give up his dreams of having Ben Riley back. lol I wish he was back too! :-(

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It's difficult for me to imagine any writer bringing Ben Reilly back or bringing Peter's marriage back, but then again I would never have guessed anyone would put Doc Ock in Spidey's brain or trap Miguel O'Hara in Earth-616, so here's to hoping!

P.S. ~ I currently have a Tom Lyle / Scott Hanna / Paul Mounts poster of Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider hanging on my wall that I bought back in 1995. <3

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I have contemplated reading it.

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Well I have heard of its infamy through various documentaries and Wikipedia. Hmm....

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At least it's not the ultimate U clone story.

Organic wed shooters and jessica jones being the most stable clone.

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I like the Scarlet Spider, need to get around to reading the actual series. I remember seeing this though:

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If referring to the Scarlet Spider please make it clear if you mean Ben or Kaine

sometimes it gets confusing when people talk about it in the forum

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I personally love the clone saga. I have all the clone saga epics and all the Ben Reilly epics too.

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Ok, "G", I'm gonna pick up the clone saga.

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@mrgreenlantern: I really enjoyed the recent SCARLET SPIDER and can't wait to see him in NEW WARRIORS but I've never gotten used to calling him "Scarlet Spider." He's "Kaine." I guess I usually refer to Ben as Ben Reilly or Scarlet Spider.

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Damn, this is going to take a LOT of cash.

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i recently read the clone saga and i can understand how people didnt like the mystery through out it that Ben Riley may be the original Peter Parker. if it turned out that he was the original it would have ruined everything for me, but thats not the case. also i agree, the way they handled his death was really bad

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Awesome i got mentioned in a video again. maybe ill eventually get more followers.

If you want another topic how about which comic book movies of 2014 youre excited for? I mean there are tons to pick from

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I never knew you wanted Ben Reilly back that bad Tony lol. Maybe the news of a new Spider-Man series might be the return of Ben Reilly? Probably not but there's always hope :P

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"They almost spit on it!"

lol, I don't know why but that cracked me up :)