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First. But talk about Catwoman some more! She one of my favourite characters never!

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That Batman and Robin shirt is Kreygasm-esque

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I love a cool reformed baddy story. Problem is when it happens to much, like with the X-Men. They hardly have any classic villains left thanks to them becoming X-Men, though some have gone back to being bad eventually.

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@g_man: Wow Tony another great shirt! lol

I love the villain becoming a hero concept because it makes them lovable and complex characters that can live in the grey line very well.

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Great video! I'm really curious about the flip side of heroes that have become villains. I don't mean heroes that had a villain phase but then when back to being heroes. I mean a hero that became a villain and stayed a villain, at least for the most part.

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I'm hoping for anti-hero Magneto in his upcoming book and by "anti-hero" I mean necessary killing and some revenge, cathartic and relieving. Maybe even some random killings with henchmen and stuff.

It's just so satisfying sometimes.

Sometimes I like heroes where "the ends justify the means." Sometimes it's interesting and the whole "shades of grey, complex character..." etc. etc.

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No mention of the original Thunderbolts such as MACH V and Songbird. :-(

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I like these. Just kinda wish they were longer than 2 minutes.

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Great video g-man! You can talk about Batman all you want. It's your show! Lol! Great shirt by the way!

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Awesome video and i dont have anything against batman lol

Also some topics that may be fun:

1. Indie comics worth checking out

2. most shocking moments in comics (for me it was that scene in old man logan...)

3.comic stories that arent as bad as everyone says

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Next time talk about best fighters in Marvel and DC comics.

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Topic suggestion: Goofy silver or bronze age characters who have evolved into cool contemporary characters.

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Venom, Magneto, Loki, Emma frost too many great marvel villains ruined by turning them into heroes because they are popular

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I want that shirt so bad, G-Man lol.

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Nice vid.

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catwoman is still a villain people! some fans claim she's some sort of robin hood, what do I say to that you ask? I've never seen her once steal for the poor

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I don't know if I watch these videos more for the content or to see G-Man's cool shirts.

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I really enjoyed this. You should talk about books outside of the big two, particularly Invincible and how awesome it is.

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Spider-man is running out of villains. Venom is his own hero now. so is kaine. Spider Slayer is dead. Vulture, Scorpion, and Boomerang are now handicapped. I doubt the new green goblin is Norman Osborn because they gave him to the avengers. Mysterio is in the Ultimate universe. Rhino may or may not be dead, who knows? And doctor octopus is currently in spidey's body but Peter is coming back in April so who knows what's going to happen to him? Massacre is also dead, but he is really not that great. How many good or classic spidey villains are left.

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@novemberx2 said:

Venom, Magneto, Loki, Emma frost too many great marvel villains ruined by turning them into heroes because they are popular

I definitely agree with this. I'd rather have a more interesting, compelling, and "complete" villain than one who flip flops. I do have a soft spot for slightly maniacal, but mostly passionate villains, though, but they come off as rather flat and as not having any staying power.

Keep up these fun videos and dancing, G-Man. :-)