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first, yes!

First for a First video!

I actually dropped out for this issue. But the ending made me laugh, then it got kinda awkward, then really funny when you walked away using stairs.

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LOL! Awesome video!

I really liked the formatting on the issue. Its not something I would want to see in every issue but it was novel and seemed to really make Brett Booth's art pop.

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@g_man: Wow, Tony I think you and I will always fail at this miserably since you know my mouth is always running. And what happened at the end did you get bored out of your mind? lol

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Cool video :)

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If you've watched the "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive...Answers" videos or listened to the podcast, you know I tend to ramble. Sometimes. Feel free to suggest topics or issues. I may choose something from next week's new comics but it doesn't have to be limited to that. Could be news, past stuff, etc.

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The future of the Marvel Movie Universe.

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Not a format they should do too often, but it wasn't bad. You may get looks from strangers if you read a Wonder Woman comic that way.

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I think every episode of this video series should end with an awkward dance. That was the best!

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So is the new segment G-man's dance minute?

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It's a good format! On the videos I mean.

I laughed quite a bit at the intro, doing exactly, or at least heading towards, what you were trying to avoid. :)

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That video felt like Woody's Round-Up from Toy Story 2, tons of fun

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I like widescreen comics, I thought it really worked out well. Also, how did you manage to make that staircase appear out of nowhere? That blew my mind.

EDIT: Seriously, though. Are you a wizard?

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id buy that for a dollar

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Y'know what also gives you less? Advertisements every second f**kin' page.

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Best ending to a video this week.

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cool idea for a vid :)! loved the ending! lol ur awesome

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Cool video :D

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I didn't read it so maybe he did make it all up.

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Nice concept for a video and probably also something you can learn from (even though I don't mind your ramble it is quite often interesting points).

However this method of storytelling was first used in the 90's and called widescreen. I remember Todd McFarlane used it in Hulk because he wanted Hulk to look taller than he usually did. A two page spread if turned the normal way didn't make him seem taller just bigger. so Todd did it sideways instead.

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Best video ending lol

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I like how there was a time limit on the topic, but the vamping was free to run

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Oooookkaaaaaay.... that seemed unnecessary .

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UNSCRIPTED Videos just got a new twist! Awesome Tony...

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The most exhilarating two minutes on the webs.