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g-man, please read to us 50 shades of grey

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great video. should do this every other day!

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Is that you, Beavis?

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G you said this is for subscribers. Unfortunately I'm not one and I could watch the vid. Just a heads up. Loved it though.

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Looking forward to more of these.

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Awesome Video. Great idea for subscriber content. Looking forward to more of these!

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@Cyborg6971 said:

G you said this is for subscribers. Unfortunately I'm not one and I could watch the vid. Just a heads up. Loved it though.

That was the special sneak preview!

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Great cover, and a great new feature! Keep 'em coming!

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I like how he went through the trouble to get a nuke instead of something less ridiculous.

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@theTimeStreamer: lmaoo

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you sound like Yoda when you talk like Green Goblin lol. Great video, I'm looking forward to seeing more of these.

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@G-Man: Great job on this video really enjoyed it!

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This was a fun video idea. Kind of feels like a throwback to the preview theatre stuff which I still wish could come back. I don't really read Spider-Man because I'm not a huge fan of his but for something from the 70's it looks pretty intense. I can see now why they often felt the need to put captions like this on the front of the cover. Whenever I read the narration boxes in the old Marvel stuff I picture Stan Lee's voice. Get Cory to do the voice for narration and hope Marvel doesn't sue.

No cover conversations come to mind but one of my favorite captions come from Silver Surfer number 23 when the surfer must kill a dragon to save a planet. I'll have to look through more issues but I think there must at least one conversation from the 80's Silver Surfer volumes.

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Glorious soundtrack, really makes 1:20 - 1:35 stand out as a landmark CV moment.

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This was cool.. I think that cover is cool without those word balloons - IMO - the cover should not reveal everything and reader need not understand all things on it.. Oh with today's kind of covers & artists, those captives could look lot more real and do not need words to describe whats going on.

Talking of modern comics, I have seen several comics that have no relation to what is going on within + those that have covers that will make sense after reading the next issue!! I have seen both kind of these trends in New 52 Wonder woman & Green lantern series....

Oh by the way, I liked the voiced comic reading.... it was total fun! Maybe you should get the rights from Marvel or DC and do a full comic book read in a video... heh heh.... :):)

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@kartron: Well...unless they subscribe, they won't see it!

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@G-Man: Oh I hadn't noticed this is a subscriber video!! Well we may never know! they might have subscribed already.. just the names wont be "DC" or "Marvel" out there :D.. But I really don't care as long as I get my audio-visual comic :P

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really diggin these. thanks

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Gorillaz figures. Fantastic!