Posted by Theodore

Awesome, he's definitely  good writer. My first time reading him is with this Green Arrow/Rise and Fall arc and I'm loving it. Can't wait for the new GA launch :D

Posted by Aspenite

Oh yeah, Mindfield looked promising.

Posted by geraldthesloth

Great stuff, Krul is really good.

Posted by geraldthesloth

Also..he looks like a skinny John Cena :X

Posted by sora_thekey

I want to read this series so much... but there is too much to be going on!!!  
I can't read it all... so I might buy the trade for this story...  
Might start reading on the Green Arrow re-launch!
Posted by timrothsays

#32 is neat. Love his work on Teen Titans

Posted by Comiclove5
@timrothsays said:
"#32 is neat. Love his work on Teen Titans "

Yeah, he should be the Teenn Titans writer too.
Posted by daveydavey

I like his story about the spindle rack..........Ahh nostalgia.
Posted by gmanfromheck
@daveydavey: I just wanna know why he was hanging out a liquor store at such an young age...
Posted by xerox_kitty

He's kinda clumsy, kinda cute & very talented!  But, liquor store comics?

Posted by Suigetsu

He is a nice guy..... but man He SUCKS! at writting Fathom... completely.  Aspen is done for aswell.