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I have always been a fan of Jim after meeting him a couple of times at SDCC.  He always has a great attitude and great sense of humor.   
Glad to see him branching out doing his own creative work.  

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I will read this! 
Jim McCann is slowly becoming one of my favorite writers!  
Janet's art style is very intresting... her segway into comics is so cool!
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I like the concept it seems very original and I love Steampunk stuff.That art process sounds like a lot of work and I can't wait to see some of it.

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Hey, this sounds like a great story.

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I grabbed dinner with this dynamic duo during the show and I have to say that they're great company. I'm very glad to have my book on the same line-up on the RETURN OF THE DAPPER MAN. I've honestly never seen a comic done like what they're doing, and that's truly exciting.
And just who IS that handsome devil signing behind them?

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 It is a great story.