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Posted by Braxxis7

I try to like them and ive picked up second coming but nothing really ever happens so i doubt i keep up on them
Posted by wallymonster

the X-men was the ONLY thing that i used to regularly care about in comics back in the 80s and 90s.(Claremont, Lee etc) Now you'd have a hard time convincing me to take FREE X-related books.   I flip through them from time to time and they just seem so mundane and vapid. Nothing in there grabs me anymore like they used to. The characters are all different, and now i'm just rolling my eyes that they're jumping on to the Twilight/True Blood bandwagon. 
The stories have gotten too complicated for their own good, and I'm kinda over the mutant thing. Its such an easy---- almost automatic back story for every character that I just can't deal with it anymore. I think its run its course. 

Posted by G thang

I liked them way back during the Claremont/Byrne days. I think the first issue I had was the one were they fought the Wendigo. So naturally I'm a fan of the team that includes Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus and Night Crawler(now deceased). I stopped collecting comics in the late 90's early 00's and when I started again I found it difficult to keep up with the convoluted storylines. That is until Second Coming which got me grabbed my attention again.
Even though I was older I did watch the X-men cartoon. I wonder if there is an age where you could say you're to old to watch cartoons? 
Babs wearing a Cleveland Indians shirt made me think of this funny video.You should  check it out!

  It's hilarious even though Lebron James is gone
Posted by DEGRAAF

i like certain members of the x-men. I used to hate Scott bc he used to be this whiny little brat that just complained about the mutant race not being liked it seemed like. I'm really liking the x-men now.
They need a book that consist of 

Scott and Emma
arch Angel
Beast (the way he looked before he became more like a cat)

Posted by G thang

@babs oops watch this one first!

Posted by scorpius72

I still like the XMEN but i think there are too many new characters with hastily made up powers that really dont have much personality. still theyve never been my favourite but i respect the story and its allegory to real social prejudices    

Posted by The Hottness

i like em, dont love em... 
Posted by BaronVonDredd

Not as much as I did 10 years ago.

Posted by Midnight Monk

I like the X-Men especially now, they are more united like as a people rather than running around like they like heroes all day, not that I don't miss those days but it wouldn't fit how things are now. If there anything I hated it's how they made Bishop a homicidal maniac during Messiah COmplex & How Forge was handled in Astonishing. So yeah I like the X-Men, if only the non-Bryan Singer Movies would stop killing the franchise

Posted by MI 6

I'm french and I'm a member of a French Forum about comics. 
For the most part of us, the "old" X-Men are the must of Marvel. We have all fabulous memories of theis beginning, the new X-men, the Dark Phoenix saga and so on. When a newbie asks us for beginning the comics, we tell him about the X-men 75-76 and co. 
But, like a lot of you, we dislike the actual X-Men. Too many death, stories without interest, etc. Some of us stop to buy it. I would like Marvel and J Quesada read this topic and thinks about it.

Posted by Aspenite

I absolutely love the X-Men because of the variety of problems they have to deal with. They are hated by nearly everyone and still do the good. I think that´s something driving me through life.
My favorite X-Men (or in this case: X-Woman) is Kitty Pryde!

Posted by uncanny89

I really like the x-men, i think its the diversity of the characters and there is a character for everyone to elate to and i think like what Bab's said they tend to deal with the more controversial aspects of our culture.  They along with Batman were the cartoons i watched as a kid and and i think because of this they will always be nostalgic for me.   
My favourite characters are Emma Frost and Cyclops

Posted by The Average Bear
I dislike the fact that Cyclops seems to be running them into the ground. He's so afraid of losing more mutants after M-Day that he's making stupid decisions that end up killing more mutants.
Posted by karrob

I love the X-Men. The story lines have gotten too convoluted though. I I was cool with 4 or 5 x-books in the x-universe side of marvel but there is at least double that now. It's sad.

Posted by mrlink501

still read the x-men but know I'm starting to like the doom patrol bit more 

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In the words of Gambit "Don't Mess with the X-men"  They are a force to be  reckoned  with! I love the X-men, and I love the concept of mutants. If there is one thing that I do hate is this obsession with Pixie's character, sigh where are you Kurt...

Posted by alphamale73

F*ck Yeah! X-Men Rule The Marvel Universe...duh!

Posted by oiHooliganismoi

x-men  are great but i think they are a second rate avengers... the one thing i hate about  x-men is that 90 percent of their story arcs beat u in head with equal rights statements why cant they just fight a super villain that wants to take over the world for no other reason but that more often ......... anyway wolverine and beast make for alot more interesting avengers than they did x-men

Posted by icemarrow1

As most have you have said, the X-men cartoon started it all of for me. I believe that they are the one team in the Marvel Universe that do face life and death situations. How many times have the fantastic four and the avengers lost a member? With the x-men things feel a lot more dangerous. Take secret invasion, we lost the wasp, considering this was a world war or Siege, Ares and Sentry, but Second Coming, the deaths and casualties were thick and fast. With the combined stories Necrosha and second coming they lost around 6 members. This constant death can seem a bit much but it strengthens the fact that they are in the toilet of the marvel universe. 
   In short I love it. I never know whats gonna happen, even when I was convinced they were gonna bring Jean back (thank god they didn't) I am constantly surprised.  
    The only failing I have is I miss Marrow. They need to bring her back (I know, but I love her).    
Posted by Dek7264

I'm a huge X-Men fan. Whedon's Astonishing run and Messiah Complex are what got me into comics in the first place. I've thoroughly enjoyed the major events in recent years (Messiah Complex/War, Second Coming) I think some of the stuff in between those events has been a little lackluster. 
I'm finding that I enjoy more of the stuff that deals with the younger students discovering their powers and dealing with the world from their teenage viewpoint. For example, I'm currently reading New X-Men Academy X and I think that's been a really enjoyable series thus far. 
Any X-book by Kyle and Yost is usually well worth a read. Even more so when Choi is also involved. I'll read anything with that creative team.
Posted by goldenkey
@Dek7264: You need to go oldschool a little bit then.  Claremont days.  A good way to jump in, (the X-men can be so confusing there really isn't a good jumping in point)  is The Essential Jim Lee X-men.  It's an expensive trade but it has a lot of issues in it.  Local Comic stores can order it or go to big book store where they carry trades.  It really is a good way start.  Or just read the history of the characters you want to know about right here on the vine. 
Posted by goldenkey
@wallymonster: I agree, I got turned off a while back but pick up the occasional trade here and there.  I just recommended to someone who said they got into the X-men with Wheddons Astonishing run, and I told them to go get Jim Lee's Essential X-men trade.  Good jumping point also.  Actually I really dig Millars Ultimate X-men run.  I think he did a good job at modernizing the X-men when they just started out.  To bad it got sooooo shitty in the end. 
Posted by texasdeathmatch

i like the idea of x-men more than the actual thing

Posted by daak1212

Idk, I kinda dont like them because theirs alot of members im not familiar with also to many comics to keep up with your favorite ones ( theres legacy, astonishing, Uncanny, Xforce, Exiles, X detective agency with multpleman )  I wish that they just have one book and they cycle threw the teams each week.  Also make it weekly.  Im gonna pick up Uncanny 525 to see if I can get back into the swing of things but if not Im just gonna lose faith and burn some toast out of despair
Posted by X-93

I loved the x-men as a kid growing up in the '80's.  They were my favorite title.  Classic and uncanny x-men I bought every month with my grass cutting money.  As I got older and into high school I kinda got bored or maybe the stories just did not grab me.  I quit buying comics all together soon after that because if x-men was not worth buying then I am not buying any comics anymore.  Now with a son who is really into spidey, wolverine and other super heroes, I have started collecting somewhat again.   I like some of the new x-men stuff,  buy x-force is the bomb.  Love it and of course they have my favorite character Wolverine in it.   I also like x-23 and Domino.  Those characters came along while my comic collecting was on hiatus.    I find those characters very interesting.    So I guess I still like the x-men.   That is a Hell yeah in my book.

Posted by michal9403

I love X-men!!

Posted by spiderguylll

Cyclops 4 life

Posted by thugalog

yeh i like x-men..majority of my comic collection right now is the current x-men/x-men related issues
Posted by No_Name_
@MarvelGuy15:  COOL! You made a video response!!!!! I loved your response! :)
Posted by crazed_h3ro

I love the X-men,but I am started to loses intrest in them ever since the end of House Of M.I miss the other X-men academy members before they lost there powers.The X-men were at there Peek in the 90 so what the Hell happened?

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I used to love the X-Men, but their continuity got wayyy too large & unwieldy for me. Even with only 198 mutants worldwide now, it still feels like 197 of them are involved in the books. 
And what's up with the Indians jersey, Babs? You know you need a Tigers jersey! lol
Posted by SigersonLTD

I stopped reading all Marvels in '95, and won't go back. I've been watching the various movies, and I'm patiently waiting to see how badly they'll F up the next film.

Posted by EndlessKnight

I love the team aspect, which typically brings more variety than the loner super hero comics do, and the interactions/relationships are simply fun to watch.  As Babs said, there's the social issues that get brought to the table as well.

I did watch the '90s cartoon, but was a fan since the '80s.  I did not like the films.  Comic-wise,
I followed the X-Men until somewhere after the Jim Lee revamp ended.  I can't say that I'm that interested now, especially after reading about the whole Cyclops/Jean Grey/Emma thing that occurred.  Surprisingly, I was not a fan of the move to the more "realistic" or "anime-like" art styles that they seemed to have experimented with.  Still, I would be pleased to read several of the issues that followed.
So... No, I do not read X-Men anymore, but they're still my favorite group of super heroes.

Posted by cold_fuzion

They were fun until they became the bloated franchise they are now. It's expensive and difficult to keep up with their continuity anymore. Their mission has become so muddled and watered down that I can't even really tell you why there is an X-Men anymore.
So, no, I don't like the X-Men.

Posted by chris thompson

Not really, no.

Posted by NawfalQ

Nope. Never liked 'em at all. Especially Cyclops....ugh.

Posted by Lydian Sel

I kinda always loved X-Men for how far out they'd let their story arcs expand, as a kid that was always something that I appreciated because the majority of any other fictional content you were introduced to tended to be very linear & mostly serving as some sort of educational basis.

Posted by whirlwind6

I loved the 60's and 70's X-men, the 80's were pretty good, but when Claremont left the series lost it's soul and got overly complicated...
Posted by d0npierre

Hell yeah..

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i want to like the x men but i just do not but i do love peter david in the x factor book. like 80% of the x stories are always i want to be human and people want to kill us because we are different for me it just got tired of the same stuff all  the time. how many times has jean died and magneto turned good like 3 times it would be cool to get some new stuff in x books. 
Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

Yeah, i'm lovin them. I'm happy to see Cyke finally step up and take over. I'm glad that he's being portrayed as a good leader, and that he leads the X-Men, and Mutantkind for that matter, in the same style he was trained and has been for years. LIKE A GENERAL. I dnt get people who want him to b jus like Proffessor X, or worse yet wanna hit the rewind button yet again. I'm glad he n Logan got ovr the Jean thing, and hope she stays dead so it stays that way. I do hate Beast though...his whining bitching and moaning make me hope he's the next Mutant to get a cap busted in his a$$ every time i see him. Self-rightous prick. 

Posted by Agent9149

Hell YEs

Posted by Gambit1024

I loved the X-Men during the 90's. That was my favorite X-Period. Since then, however they've began to get sort of... stale. Idk, I just don't feel the same way I used to about them. What happened to the Xavier's Dream? are they even fighting for it anymore?
Posted by Silver Knight75

I like them because of the variety of characters. 
They all have their unique backgrounds and powers and I think that's one of the things that makes it great. 
Nightcrawler is one of my favorites, but Marvel killed him off which made me angry  
Gambit, Wolverine,Storm,Colossus, Beast, Cyclops (sometimes), Jubilee are some of my favorites

Posted by carnivalofsins00

i love the X- Men, ever since the cartoon. I even bought the DVD's and watched some. Its so cool. =]

Posted by blaakmawf

I'm more of a Wolverine fan than an X-Men fan. That being said, I haven't read much X-Men.

Posted by jorgeareizaga

I was their biggest fan but not anymore, I miss Jean Grey and I lost  my faith in Cyclops I can not understand how so easy he can change and forget his couples without remorse 
Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

I like some.
Beast, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Colossus.
 but the old 90's cartoon was awesome!

Posted by TheGhostofGarethGraves

I'll always love the X-Men, from good to bad. They're pretty much the only consistent thig I pick up from Marvel anymore. I remember one of my very first comics being the first appearance of Gambit (Uncanny #266), and he's been my favorite character ever since. I'm not a fan of Wolverine anymore - I liked him called Logan and without his terrible origin memories, and when it took him a while to heal from injury (Patch anyone?). I've always been a fan of Havok, Madrox, Rogue, Cannonball (who I think deserves more respect as a leader and to be written with a bit more intelligence), Pete Wisdom, Nightcrawler (his death was a weak plotpoint. Could've been handled better and more characteristic - he was a much better fighter than that), Colossus, Iceman (When handled properly - imo he hasn't been since he'd armored up in the early 90's. Where has that awesomness been?), among others. I really enjoy Rockslide the most out of the newer class of mutants. He seems to have the best head on his shoulders as far as dealing with his powers, the drama, and the violence of the world the X-Men live in. Kyle and Yost let me down with Necrosha being just plain bad - the only thing I got out of it was Doug Ramsey back - with an ending that was more anticlimactic than Civil War.  
With Chris Claremont... I think he should take a break for awhile. Thanks man, but no thanks. He's a great writer, legendary no doubt. He's done more for the X-world than anyone else can say. But come on, I don't need a whole page to tell me that Storm is watering her flowers and I don't need Psylocke in EVERYTHING you write, and I didn't need Exiles turned to poo and then New Exiles was just... unneccesary. Just take a break man, we'll keep loving ya when you come back.  
Just my two cents - I'm sure i'll get slammed for the Claremont ramble.
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

The X-Men are awsome,and they will always be awsome.