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I love the X-Men, I just think that they've had mostly poor comic runs in the 2000's.
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I don't like modern X, haven't liked them since Age of Apocalypse, but I like the X-Men quite a bit in general. I'm more from 60's to early 90's. But I hate what they've done to them since (especially to Wolverine) and don't bother with the title anymore.

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never really been a fan. i guess i prefer comics focusing more on small groups of individuals.

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I love the X-men.  Jim Lees cover art got me into X-men and comics in general.  I didnt even know who wolverine and cyclopes were but once i saw the cover it started it all.  I love the diveristy of the characters, mutants, and heroes/villans.  Its one of the reasons that I like the X-men above all other iconic heroes like batman, superman, and spiderman.   My favorite X-men would definitely have to be Gambit, Psylocke, Jubilee and Cyclops.  hahaha, so thats pretty much the blue team. 

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@XFan616: lol that actually might solve a lot of their problems
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I am a MAJOR X-Men fan. They are my favorite comic book team. 
My favorite character is (was) Nightcrawler. I hope he's not dead forever.
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actually, the reasons i like them are the same reasons YOU like them (babs i mean)  i mean they fight prejudice, hate, genocide and fight to save a world that hates them, i will admit that some of the characters are over used (wolverine) and that i REALLY DISLIKE CYCLOPS but yes i like what they stand for and the hidden themes of them more than the actual characters, and besides spider man and deadpool, they are the only marvel title that i read


X-men is fine on its own, but as part of the larger marvel U, its kinda stupid to think that people hate superheros that are born as mutants.
I get that its supposed to be a metaphor for the stupidity of racism, but come on.

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I loved the X-Men once, they are part of the reason I got into comics...and I've read some back-issue minis and such but when I last tried to get into the current stuff it was the celebratory #500 for Uncanny...one of the worst comics I've ever read...I'd like to think it was a bad creative team rather then me and the X-Men have grown apart but I don't know. With all these arcs, trying to jump back in again doesn't seem like an enjoyable task.

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Still a fan of the X-Men though I have not been reg. buyer (lack of funds mostly) for several years now. Fav character of All Time is still Jubilee and Dazzler is awesome as well. I used to play Dazzler when the X-Men arcade game was in actual arcades. Loved her long range attack abilities. 
Liked the X-Men cartoon in the 90s would plan my saturday around seeing the new episode. Even liked the last season of it.  
X-Men evolution could have been better as well. But  the Ghost of a Chance episode starring Kitty and Danielle Moonstar is one of the best written cartoons in the X-Men lexicon. 
Thought Wolverine and the X-Men was the best superhero series in recent memory. Shame it got canceled. 
When I got back into comics started reading a lot of the Claremont stuff, so still ahuge fan of it. Sure he writes a lot but the characters he writs are so indepth. Been reading some of the trades in my local bookstores over the last few years. They lost me when in Gen X all of sudden Jubilee jumped like 2-3 cup sizes.
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@grufaine:  Agreed crossovers hit the wallet. Also I don't always worrying about which title I'm supposed to read first when they come out the same day.
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I like the X-men, I really do...however I have been really detached from the newer titles, on the basis that many titles have been sporting writers and artists whom i'm not the biggest fan of.  I have been  really frustrated with the fact that many of the major crossovers requires me to add like five extra titles to my pull list to get the entire story. What I have been doing lately was I have decided to try and not fall for Marvel's Low blow to get me to buy more X men titles, buy just purchasing a single X title. I was only purchasing only Astonishing but have decided to drop and move onto the vampire  X men thingy. I will be pretty upset if they decide to add a certain artist....(You know who i'm talking about) later on to do the art for the X men.

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I used to love the x-men, but they die too often. Also M-day kinda ruined the concept.

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Absolutely love 'em. Loved the cartoons, comics, and movies. Been growing a library of x-men comics.

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I'm a newer generation fan, The New X-Men are my favorites! The old comics are good and all but you have to look ahead!

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I have alway loved X-men, especially wolverine. And i'm not one of those guys who saw the movies and then googled some facts and all of the sudden thinks they're an expert in the comics series. I've watched the awesome cartoon since I was a kid and read the comics for years and have always loved them. 
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I like the animated series, and I used to really enjoy the comics, I have just over fifty issues, and it was the first book that I bought regularly, but now...not so much.
I still really like some of the characters, but I just haven't been able to get into their stories for a while and while I was looking forward to the Heroic Age X-men for awhile, once I heard what the first story arc was going to be, I decided to pass on that as well.

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Of course I like the X-Men. I love the X-Men. I've never read an X-Men comic I didn't like. Love the comics, the cartoons, the movies, the action figures, everything! I've just recently been building my collection of X-Men comics though. I hope to have a lot more soon.

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I love the X-men have since I was 7 and I probably always will.

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Not anymore really :/ i used to really really like them but recently meh. i havent been interested. I do love some of them as characters (Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm) but then there are some that i just dont like (Wolverine, Emma Frost, etc).
idk i also feel like they've changed so much and stuff. so verdict.
Not really

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 To be honest I like the Lee/Kirby run back in the 60's and X-Men: Evolution.

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@kerukun878:  Same here. I enjoyed Spidey, Supes, and Batman cartoons as a kid, but I got into the X-Men comics in junior high. I actually enjoy the complexity of some the story arcs they deal with, and while they've certainly had their ups and downs in terms of the quality of their stories, there's a nostalgic part of me that's just willing to put up with more sub-par material from them.
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YES i do
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As a kid sure. It was pure magic. Pure escapism in a world with fantastic powers and villains and it was wonderful (especially the cartoons).

Now I would have to say no. The X-men certainly didn't grow alongside me. They split, splintered disappeared and diversified. Maybe that's the issue? Too many mutants, not enough space to connect to each one so it ends up like a carousel of characters that fade in and out depending on the writer.

Sure they try and make it contemporary. They have 'issues' besides deciding whom gets to pummel who. But without that emotional investment in them, it comes off as shallow or worse, fake. Do I care if Cyclops and White Queen sort out their relationship? No. And so on it goes.

Maybe there's a series that will reignite interest, I'm not sure - I can't see it in the near future (Vampires? Really? >.<)

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For the most part I absolutely love the X-Men. However, it's all about the writer and story direction. A shitty writer, artist or halfbaked plot direction can really take the enjoyment out of reading an X-book for me. For me the X-Men's at it's best when it's well written character driven science fiction and social commentary and less action oriented run of the mill "superhero" BS. Even as a kid, i never thought of the X-Men as a group of "superheroes" they way i would look at the Justice League, or Fantastic Four, or the Avengers. For me they were always something far greater than that. Like I said, it depends on who's writing it at any given time and what they see the X-Men as and what the editorial staff wants to do with the title. Even at its worst, i stil would rather read X-Men or X-related books over the bulk of the big guns at Marvel (though a good Punisher, Daredevil, or Iron Fist is hard for me to resist).
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  I forgot to mention  I like how despite being about mutants, it has a very realistic tone and adapts a lot of important issues in today's society like racism, anti-semitism, homosexuality, and cultural diversity.

Favourite X-Men

  • These rankings have changed over the years, but currently these are who I like the best.  More captions to come.

1. Cyclops

When I first started reading X-Men as a kid in the 90's, Cyclops was written as a whiny teacher's pet. That said his growth over the last few years has been phenomenal. Now he is presented as someone who's strategies are as powerful as his optic blasts.

2. Iceman

Bobby has always been cool. No pun intended really. He has always kept it calm and collected while everyone else freaks out about the current crisis. One comic that captured his character fantastically was Nation X #1. I think Bobby is criminally underusedright now too, and I hope this changes.

3. Gambit

Gambit just has that cool guy swagger that everybody wishes they could pull off. He also walks the line between good guy and bad that sometimes I'm never really sure of his intentions. I am really curious to learn more about his "death" character as I do not know too much because I can never find the "Blood Of Apocalypse" trade.

4. Jean Grey

She has the power of the Phoenix and I cannot wait until her eventual return as so much has happened since her death.

5. Emma Frost

Emma has made tremedous growth since her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #129. A socialite to stripper,telepathic villian and Hellion leader, Generation X Headmistress to Xavier Institute teacher, and finally Co-leader of the X-Men

6. Colossus
7. Havok
8. Rogue
9. Angel
10. Storm
11. Magneto
12. Psylocke
13. X-23
14. Illyana Rasputin
15. Elixir
16. Polaris
17. Madrox
18. Hellion
19. Cable
20. Wolverine

Over used, over used, and over used. I think Wolverine is a great character and getting his memories back after House of M was a great editoral decision, but three X-teams & two Avenger teams is far too much. I also feel like they need to acknowledge how dificult his commute is. How does he get New York from San Francisco? Wolverine really needs some downtime in my opinion

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I love the x-men :]

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I love the X-Men and hate Wolverine, so it's certianly difficult for me to read their books.
Cyclops, Emma, Gambit, Rogue, Colossus, Kitty, Cable, X-Man and Nightcrawler are some of my favourite Marvel heroes; I just wish I didn't have to endure Wolverine to be able to read about them.

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X men are cool. 
X men 90's cartoon rules.  
Wolverine and the X men cartoon, meh its ok. 
Evolution not so much.

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I did like the X-Men in the 90's, when Jim Lee drew the first few issues of X-Men. Since then I questioned their purpose. Stan Lee created the X-Men in the 60's as a result of the civil rights movement. Prof. X represented Martin Luthor King's side, and Magneto Malcolm X's side. Although discrimination is still an issue in society, the fight is more subtle in America, with discrimination being more about class and sex than race, at least outwardly. The message of the X-Men, I think, is somewhat outmoded. Also, if they're a peace-seeking team, why are they always getting into fights? I mean, ALWAYS? If all they do is get into physical confrontations with each other, are they really solving the problem of peace between mutants and humans? Also, Babs mentions that they are not human. I think that this is a matter of semantics, but I believe that mutants are humans, just a different class of humans. I believe that the central dilemma within the mutant  community is to assimilate with "normal" humans while embracing their differences. I think anti-mutant groups would say they're not humans.  
Overall, I have to say I'm over the X-Men, although I never thought I would say that. They're mission is not as urgent since it does not fully reflect the nature of our societal issues today. But, I do like some of the members, like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Magneto.
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Aside from Gambit and Jubilee, I outgrew the X-Men. I don't like them anymore, their struggles were good, when I was in 5th grade. Now, it's whatever to me.

Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

Not a huge X-men fan.  They have always been kinda hit and miss with me.  There are too many titles to try to keep up with.  Every once in a while something might catch my eye, but more often than not I just don't even try to read any X books anymore.  I do however think Iceman should get his own title, I really like Bobby Drake.
Posted by Mighty_Destroyer

hated them until i read whedons run on astonishing, but the second simone bianchi jumped on is stopped following it

Posted by miki

i like the x-men!

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     To me, the X-men are the greatest superhero team ever! Like many others, I first noticed them when watching the cartoon from the 90s. They were my gateway drug into the comic book world! I love how complex and unique all of their characters are, as well as all the storylines that have built up their rich history. One of the biggest reasons I relate to and enjoy the X-Men is because of their sensability to social issues and broad representation of diverse, mainstream characters (be it women, racial minorities, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, ect).  They were truely pioneers of this model of superheroes. Being gay myself, the X-men were a direct metaphor for how I felt. I, like many others, felt/feel like an outcast because I am considered "different". The X-men have always inspired me and helped me to escape into an incredible fantasy world. There message of tolerance and fighting to bring harmony to the world (even when they are feared and hated) is very powerful stuff!    

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 Yes! They're my favorite because they're mutants and they fight Magneto (sometimes) and there Professor is the smartest most powerful mind on the planet and they all have powers and costumes and Wolverine and Gambit are on the team and Beast, Rogue, Storm, Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and the DANGER ROOM!!! and they live in a Mansion and now an Island and Colossus and they are always facing Sentinels and SNIKKKT!!! and Juggernaut and everything!!!!  

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Yeah, I like the X-Men.  They're my favorite thing in the Marvel universe.  The cartoons, the movies, the comics I've been able to read, they will always have a special place in my heart.
Favorites would probably be Gambit, Wolverine, Rogue, Kitty, Nightcrawler, and Colossus.  I'll have to figure out an order sometime. 

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Love them although not really liking the direction they're going in with so many events they just need to go back to what made them popular 
Gold/Blue teams 
Having fun aside from the fact they're hunted or hated play a baseball game like old times 
Either way I'll read and try to enjoy it and anything with Rogue will get an instant buy


great job babs, i like these segments, this one more than any other becuz of what tha x-men mean to me. i wont lie, once i saw this on tha front page, i was actually expecting her to completely trash tha x-men for some reason, not sure why tho. i luv tha x-men, always have and always will. i honestly think that tha concept of tha x-men and everything about them are some of tha greatest things in tha realm of comics. tha characters and their interactions wit each other, tha stories, tha social issues dealt wit and how they translate from real life to comics and vice versa, and what they mean to people.

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The X-Men were the reason I got into comics. I watched the show as a kid and it made me want to go out and read the comics. My favorites would be Beast,Gambit and Wolverine. My favorite villains are Sabretooth, Mystique,Blob and Mr. Sinister.

Posted by duntam

Love them! Especially Wolverine! Is he overused? I'm okay with that, because I am part of the target audience. They only induce me to read more books...

I love the main theme of the X-men comics (minorities, genocide, hate crimes), most of the characters and the storytelling of these books (the Claremont-Byrne collaboration, the Morrison-era, and Astonishing by Whedon and Cassaday are all-time classics). Okay,  there were some very weak stories in the second half of the nineties, but most of the time a  bad X-men comic is above average! The actual creative team (Fraction, Kyle, Yost and others) does a good (and sometimes great) job, too.
I think, most of the X-men characters have the potential to deal with real life issues, but they work in simple superhero and adventure/entertainment stories as well (so I'm okay with the vampires)! I like Wolverine, because he has the widest variety of stories. He is authentic in all his roles (samurai, kung-fu fighter, spy, weapon, assassin, private investigator, teacher, loner, leader, lover, drunken bar fighter, zen budhist, feral, punisher, avenger, x-man, adventurer and so on...) There is a Wolverine for all seasons! Most of the comic book characters have a limited playground, but Wolverine is not one of them!

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Thats kind of a loaded question now isnt it?  
If youre asking me if i like the current version of them? eh couldnt care less about them honestly. 
If youre asking me if i like the idea of the xmen than yes i do like the xmen. I like what the xmen stand for  
and i like the possibilities of the xmen but currently i think they all feel like throw away characters who  
are being tossed too and fro in an effort to find them some traction. The recent story lines have felt forced  
and rushed to meet sales goals and projections and have fallen short on story in many areas and this new  
thing with the vampires just feels like a cash in on twilight that they shoe horned in between big events and  
i just couldnt care less. 
The xmen havent felt like the xmen in a long time with all the characters kinda turning into completely  
different people and not being stable or true to their selves. There just doesnt seem to be any coherent  
nature to anyone currently in the xmen. It feels all wrong.  
One more thing, i think xmen really plateau'd with age of apocalypse and since then has just lost its way completely. i think honestly that was the last time there was a cohesive and intelligently portrayed x universe. There have been some highlights in between but mostly its just felt disjointed and messy.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Again like so many others today, My first exposure to the X-men universe was with that downright awesome series in the 90's but also a bit before that was my brothers VHS copy of 'Pryde of the X-men' that's where my love of Colossus and Nightcrawler comes from. Yeah i still love the X-men today, I've been following Uncanny for nearly a year and have enjoyed it.

Posted by JamesYee

I didn't grow up with Marvel, and as such I didn't have any "Warm Childhood memories" to color my comic reading of the X-men.  As such by the time I got to them they were really all over the place.  So some segments I like, others I didn't.  Over all I can ignore them completely no worries.   


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I like the X-men, mainly due to the Characters, sadly they killed off Kurt (my fav X-Man). Also the 90's cartoon which made me realise the X-Men existed, which is still great, and it is amazing how the stories hold up, I managed to get all three Essential Classic X-Men and get the UK Essential X-Men Collector Edition.

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@Pandorax said:
"Yes  I like the older stuff more than the newer stuff "
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I love the x-men but i hate the concept of m-day, I'm sorry marvel but that was just lazy.

Posted by Joey Ravn

I never liked the X-Men, nor anything Marvel, and probably never will. I find it just too boring to be of any interest to me. 
And yes, this is just a personal opinion. Feel free not to be offended by it.

Posted by American Dragon

I use to like X Men back in the day the one team that I think of when I speak positively of the X Men is as follows :

                                     Jean Grey
To me this was the Ultimate Team and Juggernaut of the Marvel Universe
The Avengers were Second,IMO