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Can't wait for Batman to kick this guys 'fangs' in.

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Jean sends Cyclops to another universe confirmed? :) Sorry Scott you are no match for Bruce.

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totally cyclops... sorry DC

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This guy totally sounds like Darkseid. Win!

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Darn Scott you don't belong in this Elseworlds reality. Go back to Earth-616 where you belong!

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I think out of the two TDKR's released this year, this one will be the one to see.

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I heard that Andrea Romano went to Marvel. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is, it shows. DC animation stood miles apart from Marvel for, what I think, because Romano hired real actors for voice over work. Not voice over pros that come of as "over acting". It's why BTAS is still considered the best of pretty much any American cartoon. Using real actors worked so well. In Marvel animated films the biggest negative was the voice work. It comes off so phoney. This is horrible. I don't like it. I hope I'm wrong because DKR is my all time favorite comic of all time. I really liked Year One, and Im hoping I like this too.

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The excitement rises!

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So many dumb comments.  
Anyway, should be great. Just sad that it's the swansong for the DC animated films.

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Cyclops crossed with Hulk in a DC film equal serious breach of copyright!

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Cyclops was sent to DC Universe and became addicted to Bane's venom.

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Faithful to the comic and this is pretty much how I imagined the mutant leader's voice would be, very excited for this!

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This looks really good. I am so Excited for this movie.