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Extreme Nerdgasm.

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This will be the last movie done by Bruce Timm's animated division. I think it would be really cool as fans if we could make this movie sell a lot. Both as a thank you to those guys that worked so hard and as a way to show WB that we're still interested in this medium.

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Yes, preview time! I am so excited for this movie. But I need longer clips.

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i agree w you crowbar.i have to give my gratitude to the dc and warner bros alliance. dc cartoons would not be the same if they didnt have bugs bunny in the opening:-)

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Should be terrific. Hopefully Carrie Kelly is hardly in it though. 

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That exact line was also in the Dark Knigh tRises

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What a tease.

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@KnightRise: everyone who ever read Dark Knigh Returns knows that line. It's already been changed up a little. Hope they don't kill this movie.

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@KnightRise said:

That exact line was also in the Dark Knigh tRises

Nolan makes ALOT of cues from the books..

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Looks great!

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Awesomeness incarnate!

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Judge Dredd: Justice is Coming

Batman: Vengence is Coming Back Bitch

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It's coming out the same day as Avengers, Wonder if that will affect it's sales. still looks awesome though, loved the Lightening bolt shot.

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I'm still hoping for a Kingdom Come Movie

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@TheCrowbar: No, they have plans for more movies in the future.

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Same release day as The Avengers

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The animated DC movies are the only movies I buy new, same day release. Hope this is as good as Year One and Under the Red Hood.

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Just got some bad news seeing this helps thanks G-Man

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I can't wait. The clip looked amazing. I was upset that it ended so soon.

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Avengers and Batman on same day, yay

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@TheCrowbar: Warner is closing the division that produces the movies but they are still going to produce the animated flicks just with another division. I think Flashpoint was mentioned as possibly being in production and DKR part 2 is still coming out.

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would have liked it more if it had more of Millers look to it

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@TheCrowbar: It would help if they released this on Blu-ray/DVD in Europe. I can never find these on

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@ObsideonDarman: They do, at least in Spain (where I live) you can buy almost every single DC animated movie, and the editions are translated and all

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@ObsideonDarman: True.


Bruce Timm isn't running the new division.

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love it

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The fact that they're splitting this up into two releases is a bit of a bummer. I get why they are I guess, but I'd much rather watch one thing.

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@TheCrowbar said:


Bruce Timm isn't running the new division.

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

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Looks awesome.

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After this, I demand "The Killing Joke"

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Awesomeness. This has the chance to be the best Batman film ever. Now I'm not getting my hopes up and I know Mask of the Phantasm will be hard to beat, but this looks great.

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The animation looks fantastic.

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0:27 Most iconic Batman image of all time. Purely ecstatic now!

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Am I the only one who notices the awesome soundtrack? Maybe I've watched the clips way too many looking forward to this. :D

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I just saw it on DC