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I think its more likely to do with the end of Scarlet Spider #6. Julia said that "She is coming back for Kaine." My guess is that its something to do with that. Probably the Queen.


Julia was already tied up with the Superior problem when this happened she probably didn't have time to look out for both Pete and Kaine. So she had to do the best she could for both. Not to mention she would be the first to know if the Queen was back. We saw her have the same migraine things during Spider-Island. My guess is that the letter is warning him about the Queen coming back for revenge after Kaine killed her.

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Good Video.

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* The Plot Thickens *

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The new Madame Web is as useless as the old Madame Web.

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Awwww..... at first glance I thought it was oracle on the thumbnail. No offense my marvel friends, im just on a birds of prey mind state. Wish they would relaunch the tv series.

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THANKS FOR EXPLAINING JULIA'S VISION!!!! I knew it must of had something to do with the Ock-tinator, but I neglected to go back and check after the tentacles hit the fan.

Strider's picture seems to sum up Kaine's problem. Someone's coming for him. Whether or not he reads the letter, someone will and it'll be key.

Of course she knew all about the Spidey switch-up. But, maybe she also knew that if she became involved the outcome would somehow be even worse...

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Actually, when the postman delivers it, he tells the desk clerk it "got lost in transit." Put that together with the letter being opened, and that tells me that in typical comic book fashion, someone intercepted the letter on its way to Kaine. Ock has all of Parker's memories, so he would know about Kaine, so he may have been keeping tabs on him, and intercepted his mail. It may be something that puts Madame Web in the crosshairs for Spider-Ock.

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With SSM and her....Somethings have to happen for the greater good. Fixed moments in time and all that jazz. Should be fun to see both SS and SSM continue on.

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Smoking Popes! Hot dang, that is a good band. Love their cover of Pure Imagination.

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Well, to answer one question asked in this video, if Kaine knew that Octavius was in Peter's body, he'd kill him. Or try to. Kaine still isn't all that fond of Peter, and now he'd have no reason not to kill him.

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Interesting topic to pursue for this question! In truth it just leads me to believe that maybe Peter just isn't really dead. But that's my opinion.

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@Pixel_Kaiser: I've known the lead singer (and his brothers) since first grade. We were best buds in elementary school.

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Ask and ye shall receive... speculation? Still enjoying the podcast and video ever since you've divided it up this way. I really should start reading Scarlet Spider, it sounds nuts. I need to look into getting some trades of that series. I liked when Spider-Woman would pop up in West Coast Avengers. Can't think of many Marvel heroes who were mothers in the 80's. It's nice to know that Julia has been given such a significant role in the Spider-verse. I can't even imagine what she wrote to Kain but that's my favorite part about it. The answers that you can only speculate about for months or years are most satisfying when you can't anticipate them. Keep doing these videos. Love the use of images and awesome shirts.

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i come here to see a question regarding madame web....bang my question gets asked off twitter just wow what a nice treat lol =p thanks g-man

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Maybe she sent it through the mail because she knew that in the future Kaine would meet with a postman that read the contents on that letter!!

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Nice response.

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@G-Man: Woah, that's awesome! I use to play that Pure Imagination cover over and over during my rides to high school. They're really rad.

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Sometimes I feel that if they could put Julia Carpenter into Spider-Man's world, why can't they do the same with Jessica Drew and Natasha Romanov?