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Pants on? Well there goes my evening...

Also, I love Alan Davis, so great taste there!

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I keep fearing all the stuff behind Tony, gonna fall and crush him.

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I love olives in pizza too!

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Doi I should of know it was Batman that won :/ Mushrooms are pretty great too! I love Galactus in the background. He looks so peaceful.

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I want a JLA movie, I was thinking it might be cool if it was CG/motion capture like Tin Tin and Incredibles.

My top 5 artists... would be similar to yours I think. Mike Allred is awesome, and such a nice guy too. Alan Davis, love his art too. Kevin Maguire, his expressions are one of the reasons I like his art. George Perez, his layouts and ability to pack in so much detail among other things is one of the reasons I like his art. and for the 5th spot, I'll go with Jack Kirby. His art is so great. He invented a lot of the style of comics.

I also love the art of Ed McGinnis, Alex Ross, Ryan Ottley, and many others I can't list all of them.

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you are going to love avengers tony. good prediction. already saw it. i thought 'oh man all the good stuff is in the trailers' but trust me it isnt. when i saw it in the cinema it was like being beat repeatedly with the AWESOMENESS stick. whedon has delivered!!!

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This is brilliant. I take my hat off to you Mr. G-Man.

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@KainScion: There was a screening for it last week here in San Francisco...

@LordRequiem: Hats off is fine. But I think we all need to keep our pants on...for now.

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Awesome stuff G-Man!

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This is quickly becoming my favourite video feature on comic vine.

And G-man, The Avengers is also my favourite comic book movie of all time :) ITS AMAZING!!!!!!

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Let me just say one thing to look out for in the Avengers movie. If ever you've played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, FUSION ATTACK! A stroke of genius it most certainly is.

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One of the best new additions to the Vine! Keep it up G-Man.

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Videos are great!

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what a great addition to CV!!! thanks for this G-Man :)

and thanks for the Justice League question

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where do we ask questions?

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Hey Thanks

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Thanks for answering my questions!

My favorite toppings are Ham & Pineapple.

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These are fun. I normally don't watch the videos here but I like this segment a lot.

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@G-Man: The longer the better Comic vine QL length lol

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@G-Man: Thanks.

I think the length is just fine. 15 mins or so seems optimum.

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I love the Alkaline Trio skateboard in the background!

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@LordRequiem said:

Let me just say one thing to look out for in the Avengers movie. If ever you've played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, FUSION ATTACK! A stroke of genius it most certainly is.

haha yea I caught that 
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JLA MOVIE! Make one nowwww! That's doesn't suck...!!!

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you should stream the 3 part Cthulhu South Park episodes. Superheros, origin stories, My Neighbor Totoro, it has it all!

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Woo, Tony is energetic in this video!

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I'm wearing that same shirt right now!!!

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@Mbecks14: Did you grab it out of my hamper?!?

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@G-Man said:

@Mbecks14: Did you grab it out of my hamper?!?

Not unless your hamper is in my dorm room...that'd be awkward!

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http://phillybee.deviantart.com/ is one of the character designers on Young Justice, he also designed for the Planet Hulk cartoon movie, the JLA versus Injustice League cartoon movie, and other such things

and http://jerome-k-moore.deviantart.com/ is another character designer on the show.

but I can't seem to post any of his art.

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@G-Man said:

@sethysquare: I'm already getting a bunch on my Twittter (@GManFromHeck) or you can ask here:


Next week, if I don't get to all the questions, be patient. I want to keep these under 15 minutes so I may not be able to answer them all.

Also, what do you guys think of the length? Too long? Should I shoot for under 10 or is close to 15 okay?

i thought the length of the video was fine!, maybe invite some guests lol i think its awsome to see some who is behind the Management on here great job

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Tony is totally right about Avengers. Best comic book movie I have ever seen . Dark knight rises will have to do A LOT to be better than that.

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hmmmm so thats what he likes on his pizza. >_>

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you're sorry you wont drop your pants? I'd say "thanks for not doing that" :) ;p

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@NightFang: lol, agreed, it is a bit imposing, albeit entertaining.