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Batwoman and Wonder Woman

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The Question and Etrigan

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Nightwing and Jason Todd or Shazam and Superman.

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Howard the duck and spider ham....krypto and Detective Chimp

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Dual pairing comics can be awesome, Green Lantern/Black Canary, Superman/Batman, Worlds' Finest, Batman/Superman, etc. etc. Just has to include an acceptable dynamic of character development for each character in order for it to be a successful book. Lets see, for DC I'd like to see an Atrocitus/Guy Gardner team up...oh wait.... -_-. For Marvel I wanna have a permanent Hulk/Thor ongoing. Can go on for a while over which characters I'd love to have united in a book :)

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  • Batman/Wonder Woman
  • Atom/Hawkman
  • Blue Beetle/Booster Gold
  • Flash/Green Lantern
  • Flash/Elongated Man
  • Flash/Zatanna for more flirting like the picture to the left
  • Batman/Atom or Batman/Martian Manhunter for stealth stories
  • Question/Huntress
  • Green Arrow/Green Lantern
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I would love to see a book with Barry and Hal & a Robins book would be interesting to see. I think at comic-con, Geoff Johns said Hal would rejoin the Justice League in 2014. I think he said that, I'm not 100% sure. Maybe after Forever Evil we can see a Flash/Green Lantern book. I probably should have included Marvel as well in that first question. A Gambit and X-23 series, I all for that! Love those two characters. & it would be cool to see Marjorie Liu write X-23 again and let her do that story she had mentioned when she was on the podcast.

& since you read up to Vol 12 of Death Note, I can definitely ask you the question I wanted to ask you. I read a number of manga series and some of the titles have odd names, like Bleach, but it's interesting. & no the manga series Bleach isn't about this cleaning product.

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Phantom stranger and constantine, shazam and pandora, the question and batman,

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Think DC should just bring Brave and the Bold back and make it a general team-up book rather than as a Batman & guest book. In a book like that I'd like to see:

Batman/Wonder Woman: I wouldn't mind knowing what these two think of one another.

Flash/Kid Flash: explore the rather depleted relationship between the two in the New 52

Wonder Woman/Raven: I would have loved to have seen the pre-Flashpoint versions going on an adventure of some kind and debating peace and how to get it.

Raven/Zatanna: Different approaches to magic... Where Raven could be the 'very serious' magician and Zatanna is the showman.

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Batwing(David) and Cyborg

Batman and Shazam

Power Girl and Wonder Woman would be a cool girl power issue id tune in for.

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Tony you're killing me ..lol. I hate it when people say the dynamic between Kal and Bruce is great because ones an alien and ones a human.well let's look at this,the real dynamic is that one grew up a poor farm boy and the other a rich orphan . Kal knows nothing really about being an "alien" because he grew up in Kansas.Not Krypton, Kansas. He is human in all ways except for DNA. The dynamic between Kal and Diana is much more because yes,they are both on the same power level BUT she did grow up a Princess isolated from the rest of the world on an island with only women whose culture is 3000 plus years old and he grew up (again) a Kansas farm boy..the boy next door. It seems that writers and readers have simply forget this . And can anyone please give me a valid reason why they think Kal ans Lois should be together other than its how it was in the OLD universe

Anyway I think a Batman/Wonder Woman series would be interesting in its contrast.wealth/royalty,science /myth, and to some extent policeman/soldier.

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Well, I for one would like to have Batgirl team up with Supergirl. I love the idea of that pairing as a diametrically opposite to the one with Batman and Superman. Plus, where Kara is right now in her comics, and where Barbara is in her own, it'd be a great team-up. It would also be something that can stand up against Levitz's disappointing World's Finest.

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In terms of Marvel, I'd like to see a team-up between Silver Surfer and some other cosmically oriented hero. Rick and Surfer in Fialkov's Hunger #2 had some great chemistry and I'd love to see the Surfer take on a more visible role in the MU. Also, I hear rumours that Surfer might be getting his own ongoing soon in the next Marvel Now launch phase. I'm super excited about that!

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Wonder Woman and Zatanna

Zatanna and Batman ( possible romance included)

Green Lantern and Flash (Hal Jordan and Barry Allen and a possible second series with Kyle Rayner and Wally West if they introduce him )

The Robins series

Superboy and Red Robin series

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Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman





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@supegirl said:

@herrweis: This is reason.

I think there is another reason which fans of a pair of Superman\Wonder Woman do not want to admit - it's that he is in love with her and even wants that Lois was his girl, not Diana.


He was even willing to talk with Lois all night.

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luke cage & domino

black panther & deadpool

rogue & bishop

cloak & dagger

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mary jane and gwen stacy..:)

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@poncho said:

Nightwing and Jason Todd or Shazam and Superman.

Great choices.

I'd want to see a reboot of Young Justice from the 90's centered around just Kid Flash Superboy and Red Robin

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Daily Bugle and Daily Planet?

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I always wanted to see wonder woman and black canary as neither them seem to have a super pal

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i'd love the current flash series to become 'The Flash and Green Lantern'. The art from the annual was amazing

How about an 'X-O manawar/Ninjak' series. The issues with them teaming up last year worked really well

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I'd like a Spider-man/Venom ongoing!....... Too bad Peter Parker is gone -.-

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@lensnart said:

I always wanted to see wonder woman and black canary as neither them seem to have a super pal

I'd buy it if it was a Wonder Woman/Black Canary/Zatanna book.

Three hot babes for the price of one.

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I still say Lois and Jimmy. Here's that image:


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Thor/Fearless Defenders







Batman.. did I say Batman/Batman already? my bad

The Spectre/Orion

The Spectre/WW

The Phantom Stranger/Orion

The Phantom Stranger/GL

Spectre/Hal Jordan


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Scarlet Spider / Venom

Red hood (Jason Todd) / Batgirl

Deadpool / Domino

Shazaam / Martian Manhunter

Nightwing/Red Robin/Red Hood

Hulk / Red She-Hulk

Nova / Silver Surfer

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Man, that second Flash annual was great (including the side-story). Hal and Barry, I'd read that comic book. Totally worth it. Basically the other team-up I'd like from DC.

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@cyclopes_with_an_e: already happened... it wasnt to great. but then again im no batwoman fan, i actually really dont like her, she stole batmans signal doesnt know him and refuses to have anything to do with him.

and yeah the dick grayson and tim drake team up in zero hour in the robin series was bad ass

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Blue Beetle / Static Shock

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@poncho: Shazam and Superman would be awesome. Billy is so underused for his powerlevel and tenure as a hero. Parring him with Superman might work.

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Superman and Shazam we'll call it Titans.....wait no. I would buy this team-up book in a heartbeat. Flash's annual with the Lantern team-up was maybe the best comic I've read in weeks. Flash/Lantern and Shazam/Superman. Or just bring back Brave and the Bold and team-up random characters together. Zatanna/Supergirl would be the femme-fatale version of Shazam/Superman so a lot of things work.

Personally: Vibe/Nightwing (Not sure why that sounds good...) Green Arrow/Arsenal making pincushions of everything or Batman/*insert hero here*, lol

The current Batman/Superman is okay, but it could be a lot stronger.

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I would like to see Red Hood and Red Robin book.

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Superman/Shazam!(Billy Batson) vs General Zod and Black Adam resurrected by Lex Luthor.

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Lucifer and Michael

Constantine and Batman

Superman and Shazam

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@poncho said:

Nightwing and Jason Todd or Shazam and Superman.

I like these. I still want to see a "The Robins" comic series

A few strange ones i would like to see in 3 issue story arcs

Lucifer and Lex Luthor

Kyle Rayner and Black Hand

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I would love to see more Green Lantern/ Green Arrow I really enjoy those books. I think they make a great team.

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The Flash / Zatanna

Red Hood / Black Canary

Red Hood / Nightwing (Dream)

Arsenal / Cheshire

Red hood / Powergirl

Red Robin / Supergirl

Nightwing / Arsenal

God let it be one of these.

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Red Robin / Red Hood

Black Bat / Spoiler

John Constantine / Anyone

The Flash / Green Lantern