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The reason all the hero's come back is that the villian's don't take off there head's :).

There can be only one.

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I think in comics there's two kinds of immortality. The one where the character lives forever but cannot truly die, and the one who never dies of old age though can still be killed. I just read the first trade of Demon Knights and it seems like most of those characters are immortal, but can still die of injury done to them.

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@g_man: maybe you could put who's questions youre answering in the descriptions? So I can find if you answered on of mine... I sorta got way behind in these vids.

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This question is the reason why I originally like the real-time aging of Constantine. Essentially these characters are multi million dollar brands that they're not going to shelve anytime soon. On the other hand, it's disconcerting to see a young Franklin who should be in his mid to later 50s in FF. PowerPack that should be in their 30s. The only time we see aged heroes is generally in a time displaced story. Comics could take a page out of soap operas where characters are systematically aged years in a following episode (see Days Of Our Lives for example).

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For the Thor question, I think you started down the right path but lost it on your answer, GMan.

The reason Thor had an easier time adjusting to 21st century earth than Cap, is because, in the movies,Thor and Asgard are more advanced than earth. In the comics, Asgard is portrayed like something straight out of Viking myths, with fur boots, wooden ale casks, and stone buildings. But in the movies, it's a technologically advanced, almost cyber-punk looking city. Thor tells Jane that magic and science are one and the same. Thor comes from a planet with some form of wormhole technology (the Bifrost) and some sort of teleportation (Avengers) that lets them span the cosmos and visit other worlds. Do you reallythink he'd be confused by tight pants?

You couldmake the argument that Cap saw the Vita-rays and stuff in the Super-Soldier program, and the advanced Hydra tech enhanced by the Tesseract, but Cap is a soldier, he's not trained to ask questions, he's trained to follow orders. And Cap's orders weren't "find the crazy futuristic tech, analyze it, and write a report," it was "destroy all that crazy shit and save the world!" or "get the cube and bring it to the Allies!"

You might say that Cap and Thor are the same because they're a soldier and a warrior, neither role big on thinking, but it's safe to assume Thor grew up seeing all the crazy Asgardian Tech, Cap didn't have internet, or TV, or phones that didn't immediately connect to human operator let alone cell phones.

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@zerokillxo1: Thanks for your input. But unfortunately I'll go with the amount of views that this and Best Stuff gets each week and keep doing them. They are the most watched videos here so that must mean that some people are watching ;)

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Tony lights up my day like a green lantern lights up a ring

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"Not Immortal in the comics, but immortal in our hearts" .... Someone is infatuated....

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Its true, retconning death doesn't really make for immortality. Anyway great questions answered!

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I always spy on earth, how is that creepy? Muwhahahahaha

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in mythology odin watches over earth with his crows but that is never stated in the movies. im going to go with the fact that since the asgardians are worshipped as gods they obviously have had some contact with humans over the years so have to have some way of knowing about the earth even if its only when they visit