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All star superman lex gets the power of superman and does nothing but beat superman up then cries about what he could have done when the power runs out.

Better switch for batman is Ra's al Ghul

Wolverine / Sabertooth or Daken

Captain America / Red Skull

Daredevil/ Kingpin

Rick Grimes/Shane




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I would like to see a catwoman movie. Shes attractive, she steals and she has a great sense of humor.

Other movies: any dynamite properties, a true to the supernatural ghostrider, the original starman, mister america, dc miss america, doctor strange, threshold, house of mystery or tales from the crypt, most of all: sgt rock. Also beastboy- green grizzly bear fighting trigon, lol.

As for animated, I would like dc to redue superman vs doomsday staying true to source. Best story I have ever read. It was just nonstop destruction and death.

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I would love to see more Hellboy animated movies, those are great. How bout a John Constantine Hellblazer animated.

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a secret invasion or civil war phase in the marvel cinematic universe

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Is Smoking Popes a band?

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graphic novels

Nemesis(mark millar)

Superior(mark millar)

red son (superman)

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Live action Witchblade please.

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Movie: A more accurate JLA Tower of Babel(Justice League: Doom had the villain as Vandal Savage instead of Ra's al Ghul)

Switcheroo: TMNT and Bebop, Rocksteady, Tokka, and Rahzar. Why? Because, why not?

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Batman/Joker would be better IMO

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G-Man makes a good point, a superhero's mind inhabited by a supervillain is dependent just on how the dynamic between said hero and villain is. Always best that it happens with an arch-nemesis rather than just a run of the mill adversary.

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I want a CHEW live action or animated series. Also an X-O Manowar animated feature would be cool.

That Civil War picture brings back the memories of laughing at that Batman photobomb article ahaha.

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graves and shaft from youngblood

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Thor and Loki, because oh the fun Loki would have screwing with the thunder god while Thor protesting that he is not Loki would just be looked at by the other gods as another of Loki trick

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a secret invasion or civil war phase in the marvel cinematic universe

YES! But i think skrulls are under the property of 20 Century Fox since its part of Fantastic Four.

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Thanks for answering my question GMan I would like to see civil war animated and and I know it's not a novel per say but the whole batman and the court of owls as live action it has that real gritty detective work as well as potentialy epic action scenes.

My opinion for the first question re mind swapping I would agree with Lex Luthor and Superman. I know this was touched on in all star superman but I would be interested to see a mini series focused on it but also how would Clark/Kal' El handle being Lex.

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Dr Doom taking over the mind and body of Reed Richards would be pretty awesome.

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first of all I think Superior Spiderman is the worst thing to ever happen to spiderman since the clone saga be honest its worst no writer can make me believe that DOC OCK WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO!!! they threw away almost 60 years of a great villain...oh wait the already did that crap with brand new day....this crap has made Superman my new favorite superhero after loving spiderman for nearly 40 not sure I will ever feel the way I did about Spider-man ever again and lost respect for Marvel for doing this to one the greatest superheroes all time

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Shredder swapping minds with one of the Ninja Turtles would be pretty funny (it was probably done in one of the old cartoon's episodes).

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Love to see a Court of Owls 2 parter or maybe Daredevil Born Again

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I think a Superman/Lex switch would be awesome, though I have a feeling it would play out very similar to Superior Spider-Man, with Lex wanting to kill Clark in his now-mortal form.

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Batman and the Joker would be too obvious, once Batman becomes blood thirsty and starts laffing while breaking legs and bones then all bets are off. folks would know he's really the joker or has finally flipped his lid.

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@kcvic: Read New 52 Green Lantern 1 it's a kinda switch. :)