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Thanks! I'm now an expert on Bane :D

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Not true watch the dark night rises and then you will konw

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absolutely awesome character

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@MTHarman: Don't drag Doc Savage into this stuff. He was originally a drug infused wrestler that tried to kill Batman... and became the center of the "DC sucks!" universe for about ten years... useless... you can't put any more meat on his bones! But, you may notice that he may have inspired somebody to kill a bunch of REAL humans at a theater yesterday!

Stupidity rules!

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LOL Bane is a antihero now lol

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That was longer than three minutes.

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I find it really interesting how bane is just a character that is in pain and suffers, you can see BOTH sides of his heart in this summary of his life.

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@The Impersonator:

Anything invented after that year was better than the Bane in Batman and Robin.

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This is the best three minute expert I've seen. I think what makes it better is that Bane's history is a lot less convoluted than many superheroes/super villains.

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So if he's not taking Venom anymore, does he no longer have super strength?

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i just saw the movie...it was the ending i wanted..but i honestly wanted more...

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Excellent 3 minute video :) And now I'm ready to see the movie tomorrow.

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I think the story where Bane is trained by/lives with Ras al Ghul and Talia is the blueprint for the movie.

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Sop Bane wants to destroy Batman for the sake of destroying Batman............wow

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@JamDamage said:

wasn't this done already???

In February 2011!

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wasn't this done already???

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Why is it NO ONE seems to be able to pronounce 'Azrael'?

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Great video! Really brushed up my knowledge of the the man who broke the bat. I cannot wait to see him in theaters this summer, really hope Tom Hardy pulls it off!

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I loved reading Knightfall as a kid so seeing this was an awesome experience.

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@FoxxFireArt: @MTHarman said:
@FoxxFireArt said:
" Here's the odd thing about Bane, how is it that he just cause a break out at Arkham, but had to fake his death to escape the prison he was born in?
It looks as if they pulled a Venom(Eddie Brock) with Bane in the comics. They made a terribly enemy into an ally. They are both big and beefy characters. I wonder if that's just a coincidence.As always, incredible video editing work on this. Really well done. Must be a pain to gather all those images from older comics. "
 DC ideas for Bane's character came from Doc Savage
Though in contrast to Venom, let us not forget that Bane is ridiculously intelligent and more than just a big beefy character. Not to say Venom is dumb, but he is just not up the the same caliber as Bane.
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bane's very interesting character 

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Lol i'm sorry but i think his backstory is a little stupid...

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Damn Bane! Why are you SO AWESOME?

Bane - Cartoon
Bane - Cartoon
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The thought of Bane and Batman both sat in a doctors office waiting for their DNA results makes me laugh xD haha

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I really enjoyed learning that Bane was more to bane the just a  souped up druggie. Makes me more excited to see him in the Next batman movie.

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Wow, that was really informative. I just knew him as "the only man to break the bat" and identified him as the giant muscular guy with venom being pumped into his body. His story is actually pretty interesting and I'm curious to see how his story is portrayed on the big screen. 

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@tbpinkfloyd: Well....there was plans for a 3-Min. Magneto but...I'm afraid it's not gonna happen right now.

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: That would've made life easier but "3-Minute Expert" sort of became the franchise/segment name. This way, I can get people (not you) complain that I'm giving more content instead of less.

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You should change the name of these vids to 4-5 minute experts. 

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@ArtisticNeedham said:
I learned so much about Bane thanks to this, always thought he was a one note character who gained fame because he broke Batman's back, but since then hasn't really done anything.  But this is great, and I can see why he would make a great Nolan Batman bad guy.Makes me wonder if Doomsday is a one note bad guy or have I misjudged him too?
Yup Doomsday is indeed a one note bad guy,he gets credit for characters like Eradicator,Steel,Superboy and Hank Henshaw but as a character himself he just plain sucks.
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Can we get a 3-Minute Expert over Beast and/or Magneto?!
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I learned so much about Bane thanks to this, always thought he was a one note character who gained fame because he broke Batman's back, but since then hasn't really done anything.  But this is great, and I can see why he would make a great Nolan Batman bad guy.
Makes me wonder if Doomsday is a one note bad guy or have I misjudged him too?

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@antiterra said:
Bane is one of the many, many, many reasons to read Secret Six. Bane and Scandal Savage make one of the most odd yet compelling and genuine "couples" in comic books today.  The idea of Bane joining the Secret Six sounded a little weird when I first heard about it, but putting him in this surrogate father/daughter relationship with Scandal was a stroke of genius on Gail Simone's part, which helped Bane integrate the team seamlessly, as though he'd always been there. It's a shame that most people only know him as "The Man Who Broke the Bat", because he's much more interesting now than he ever was in the Bat books.
Exactly, I cannot agree more.  

Bane is an interesting character with depth and history.  Well, deserving of these 3 minutes!  All the Secret Six characters are characters of substance, there is so much that Simone can do with them. 
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What the hell? Bane is awesome!!

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I love the sound affects.


I don't like a Bane without Venom.

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Batman: Vengeance of Bane
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@primepower53 said:
Ordered Knightfall of of Amazon on Friday. Hopefully it will ship soon. This makes me even more excited for it!

You'll love it. Great read. They should've included Vengeance of Bane, Batman issues 489, and Batman 490 in there. Which means they skipped Bane's escape from prison, his first fight with Killer Croc, and when he pumped up the Riddler with Venom. The second book where Bane takes on Azrael Batman is bada** as well. I wish they would've put Knightquest in a paperback back collection though, I have a few of those issues which are pretty good. Instead book 3 jumps right into Bruce Wayne's training instead of showing how his paralysis was healed.
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Mmmm i love me some bane. a great character. so misunderstood.

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@rahrahrobot said:
" I wish G man would work on his name pronunciation. Raish?? Was bad enough when he butchered the Katayanagi twins in the Scott Pilgrim feature. "
He did pronounce his name correctly. That's how it's pronounced in arabic, contrary to the erroneous Raz pronunciation of his name.
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I never thought much of bane, but now I see how hard his life was and what an interesting story it has. 

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Gonna have to get some secret six back issues now.

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I want to see one of these for Magik.

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Would be easy to prove, find an arab and have him pronounce it.
(Personally i go with how it was pronounced in the movie)
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@Grimoire said:
"Would anyone know which issue it was that Batman had a rematch with Bane because of Ghul? "

Detective comics ,somewhere around 700-710
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Would anyone know which issue it was that Batman had a rematch with Bane because of Ghul?

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awesome as usual and now the episode 6 or 7 of Young Justice makes a lot of sense as i always though Bane was just the stupid Joel Schumaker animal, as i left comics and went to wrestling in the 90s but as a 30 something have returned to the wonderful sometimes overwhelming world of comics, thanks to all u guys at wiskeymedia do i'll keep on coming back, love all the insight videos like this and so many more! 
Twitter: @CurtMan2k9 
and :  @RealCCSNinc
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i respect bane more now
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@Noray said:
"Seems like Bane's entire career post-Knightfall is kind of a total waste. "

Why? cause he stopped being batman's punching bag?
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Bane is awesome dude I hope Nolan doesn't make stupid in the upcoming movie like they did in Batman & Robin. BANE!!!!!!!!!!