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Posted by datarez

Great job on this one because Thor can get hella confusing sometings.

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Posted by Bestostero

Hurray, good 3 min expert

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Posted by jazzblade

great stuff! love the three minute expert segments!

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Posted by sora_thekey

Wow, there was a lot I didn't know about Thor!

Great job Tony and Joey... This looks amazing!
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Posted by jamesewelch

Hey, don't forget there was a free comic released this week with the entire history of Thor documented.

The Mighty Thor Saga - I uploaded it to the wiki yesterday, but I haven't read it yet. Ask your local comic book shop about it. My lcbs gets tons of free Marvel books like this.

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Posted by Iron_Turtle

As a norse mythology geek Marvel's Thor always confused me. This help a lot. Thanks G man.

Also, go see the movie. Is good.
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Posted by 15marat1

Make more 3-Minute Expert

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Posted by rmanthorp

I really love the 3 minute experts always such FANTASTIC edited and informative as well, it's great consider how twisted and complicated basic stories can become. Well done to everyone involved, keep em coming! :D

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Posted by ImperiousRix

Twas a good Three Minute Expert...

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Posted by sladewilson30

you didn't mention that beta ray bill took the place of eric masterson before the original thor came back

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Posted by Aeroman

you always know how to make these 3-min expert video very entertaining

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Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

It's been awhile, glad to see this come back

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Posted by MrMazz

yay 3 min expert thor is confusing sometimes man but good job

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Posted by Vincent92

this helped alot, i was confused on some storys but now it make sense.


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Posted by MadClawMannn

great show
all way informative and interesting

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Edited by Mucklefluga

Sweet! Thanks You Guys At Comic Vine!!

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Posted by TDK_1997

Thanks for the information

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Posted by Osiris1428
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Posted by lvenger

Nice hammer. Where'd you get it from and does it actually let you control the weather?

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Posted by GothamRed

Yeah, I love it when these return, it reminds me of when you used to do garage reviews

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Posted by Iron Apollo
Not my favorite 3-mom expert, but man I love these!
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Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Thor, the God that Marvel can make big money off of.

gotta love him! Execept FireFlare153 finds him annoying.

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Posted by Decept-O

Love this!!  Great job on this 3-minute expert video.  Perfect take on Eric Masterson....made me laugh! 


The ending was great!

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Posted by Westlife

Wow  Thor was skinny starting out. Funny the way G-man says Asgard. And finally, Where'd you get that Hammer?

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Posted by The Impersonator

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Posted by MichaelBach

Nice feature, will come in handy when I go see Thor tomorrow :)

Also, love the subtle site enhancements!

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Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Great 3 min expert, I had no clue about his actual origins.  Thanks.

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Posted by Kallarkz
twas a great three minutes. HAIL!
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Posted by Larkin1388

Love this 3 minute expert, but where is Beta Ray Bill, or RKT?

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Posted by goldenshot80
Sweet :P
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Posted by clumsyninja

Love the Thor 3 min. Tony have you thought about a Doctor Who 3 min expert? Love to see it with the Doctor and Donna!

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus


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Posted by darkcloakx

Thor 3 min was great  the ending was cool.  nice special effects g-man!

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Posted by Krakoa

Epic as always! 

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Posted by Renee

I love these.

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Posted by QuantomMan

This was epic Tony, nicely done

Thanks as always, my comic knowledge has exploded even further
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Posted by Eyz

 Now we know, and knowing is half the battle!

Seriously though, I've been following Thor since JMS' arc and enjoying it a lot.
Great useful video^^

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Posted by isaac_clarke

I like the hammer bit at the end.


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Posted by blaakmawf

Pretty sweet hammer...

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Posted by gmanfromheck


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Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

Sweet vid - very well done. Hope you got some money for prepping people for the upcoming "Thor" movie!

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Posted by doordoor123

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Posted by weaponxx

Epic Ending;)

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Posted by Out_of_Space

Finaly a 3-Minute Expert on Thor. Thank you comicvine !

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Posted by TransgressionsofSociety

Thor is one of my favorite characters.  He's awesome.

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Posted by doomsilver

that was cool
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Posted by Dark Cell
@G-Man said:


....Wow, just wow lol
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Posted by The Stegman

i'm sorry but i always found Thor to be one of the most boring superheroes ever created....

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Posted by csl316
@G-Man: Amazing.
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Posted by theberserker

thanks, I feel learned now

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