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In 1963, Victor Farrington was already wealthy. He lived in a luxurious estate and was seeking new ways to profit. When an alien from Centaurus made an emergency landing on his estate, Victor saw it as an opportunity for trading with alien races. The Centaurian was surprised that the man cared only for trade, not in any cultural exchanges. He saw greed in the man and warned Victor of a disastrous future. The alien used a time sphere to allow Victor a glimpse of the future.  
Victor saw himself twenty years ahead, alone but surrounded with fabulous wealth. He laughed at the alien and they parted in less than friendly terms. Victor was convinced that the prophecy would come to pass. He would live at least twenty years, increase his wealth and nobody could seperate him from it. Over the following twenty years, Victor's methods in gaining wealth became less and less ethical. His legitimate business deals were overshadowed by shady schemes and outright swindles. He did not care who got hurt, nor actually caring for secrecy. His prophecy guaranteed his safety. 
In 1983, Victor was placed on trial and sentenced to exile. He was indeed alive and nobody seperated him from his cash. But his new location and that of his money was an uninhabited asteroid. He could not spend it, nor interact with anyone. Only the Centaurian cared enough to visit him and point out that his warning was true.

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