he should have a live tv series

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i can see it,i can picture it its easy with him in a series tv channel my favorite HBO,i mean if they can do the game of thrones,they can make a comic hero series,i would want it to be about the question, if i had experience in the screen writing bussiness i could totally write for his show i can picture it all in my had,i dont like arrow that much its a teen thing like diary of vampire or some sh!t,but with a serioues and mature network like HBO i can even see a batman live tv series but batman is too big for tv my idea imagine him being like molder from x-files,fighting against supervillians,the government and normal crime,emphasizing on his martial arts and intellect,traping and out manuvering his enemies, he could be a computer buff,has his on blog or something always arguing about the government,a reporter on a dying old idealist new paper or magazine company because he always stands for his ideals,always talking in a philosolphical tune especially when he is in his costume what do you guys thing

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I thought about it as well since most superhero TV shows try to "ground" the heroes e.g. Arrow but with vic sage you won't have to ground anything he's a street level character.

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@sumafatrider: I've been thinking this for such a long time, nice to come across someone like-minded. In fact one of my day dreams is thinking about how a Question tv show would work. This way I see the series without going on and on. In terms of tone/theme/storyline ect it's somewhere between Denny O'Neil's run in the 80's and Rick Veitch's mini series from 2005. With a bit of Ditko's take on Question from the Charlton run at the start of the story.

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@The Stegman: I've watched that video a bunch of times & I can't say I'm a huge fan of it (Q shooting people wtf?). I much prefer his part in JLU as far as his non comic book appearances go. I think that an actual live tv series should go down a different route than JLU and keep away from the paranoid, conspiracy theorist angle they were using and stick to the comics.

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@Hit_Monkey: me too i keep picturing it in my head

so what do you think the plot line should be like 1.new story each episode,new villain etc,or 2.one season one major enemy,story slowly unfolding,personally i like option 2 ,like season one fighting against a powerful mob boss/corp and how they heir strong assassins like mhhh SHIVA,season two against the government /illuminate

an urban shaman and something like sherlock noticing small changes i.e great observational skills,what do you think and what are your ideas???

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@The Stegman: THE VOICEEEEE good work like the whole conspiracy thing jla

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I'd give left arm for a Question TV show. Vic's one of my favorite characters.

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@sumafatrider: I see him doing something like option 2. Taking on Hub City's crime figures and corrupt politicians in a big story lasting a couple of seasons. Out with that, in fact to explain where I see series after the first couple of seasons I have to mention the O'Neil Question comics. One of the many things I like about that comic series is that Vic ultimately loses his battle with Hub City's endemic corruption and leaves it. I'd like to see that at the end of season 2. Then for him to travel around trying to find himself, getting involved with an another Mcguffin that leads him against other forms of corruption and ultimately going back to take on Hub City again. I agree, he should have scenes like in Sherlock Holmes that highlight his detective skills. To me though the talking to the city thing, the whole meta-detective/urban shaman would be what I really want to see. I also like that O'Neil took how disagreeable and quite horrible Vic was in his first appearances (and he was). And had the character suffer a life changing event where he realised that all his black/white moral judgements and Randian view points were what they were, B.S. I would also like that as part of the origin story for the series. With the 'urban shaman' shtick just a natural extension of his martial art skills, meditation, formidable deductive skills, his quest to understand and better himself (which was a major theme of the O'Neil series). I have a lot of messy ideas that contradict each other as you can see but hopefully at least some of that made some sense?

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@Hit_Monkey: sorry for the late reply had exams,AGREED ,may be him departing hub city can be a little later 3 season,when the audience start to get tired of the story line,the whole urban shaman thing is vic they should have him talking to himself alot,i think the o neil story line is great but again he should have the change later on when,then like you said 4 season he works with another mcguffins whom at the end something happens to ,which makes vic realize he needs to go back to hub city. He really does fit in tv hoping someone will come up with and pitch it to a respectable network.I have alot of ideas too,what else share your ideas

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