What current Vertigo titles are on the edge to getting cut?...

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 Does anyone know?
It must be something DC is thinking about. I, Zombie and American Vampire come out this year. Can Vertigo really keep its huge roaster? Don't get me wrong, even the stuff I am not reading I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them. Lets just be serious and mature about it.

Current series:
* Jack of Fables

(+) means new to 2010.
(-) means not safe.
(*) should be safe since it has established at least one major mile-stone, meaning it has a stable fan base. 

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I know Air is ending.
What else is not safe you think?

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@Silkcuts: Is the summer the official time for publishers to announce which comics are getting the axe? I'm never happy to see a comic get terminated before it's time and since I'm reading all of these it's even worse. Some titles off the top of my head I think ended prematurely include: Shade, the Changing Man; The Exterminators; Swamp Thing Vol. 4; House of Secrets (I actually have no idea why this stopped, the letters page in the back indicated it'd be going on through various minis that never happened); American Virgin; Books of Magick: Life During Wartime; The Un-Men; well the list goes on...frankly it's quite disturbing Vertigo has so much trouble pulling off an ongoing title and it dismays me because there's no thing worse then a creator being forced to rush their vision or cut it short just because "sales aren't good enough". Ridiculous.
But based on this chart, the ongoing Vertigo comics are ranked as follows in lost/gained readership from March to April...I think the most discouraging part is not a single one gained readers...I think the one that's need to worry the most is Greek Street because apart from Unknown Soldier and Air which have been announced as canceled, it is the lowest in total sales and apart from American Vampire which shouldn't really count it lost the most readers last month. I really hope it doesn't get dropped.
  1. DMZ: 6,840 - 14 = 6,826 (I get it's consistent in readership but am I the only one who finds it weird the longer running of the titles is quite low in sales rank)
  2. Madame Xanadu: 8,191 - 33 = 8,158 (I'm surprised more people don't read this, it's actually very DC-like in terms of the cast)
  3. Fables: 20,003 - 38 = 19,965 (obviously having lasted 95 issues already, this series' life is fairly adamant at this point...my guess is it's downfall will only occur in the near future if Willingham says he's done as Gaiman did with Sandman all those years ago)
  4. Hellblazer: 10,295 - 39 = 10,256 (I'd say this title is fairly safe for the time being, it's been over 100 issues since it almost got canceled with Ellis' departure so I think it's gone through hell and back again)
  5. Scalped: 6,648 - 64 = 6,584 (my ONLY problem with this title is the delays we keep having)
  6. Unknown Soldier: 5,611 - 69 = 5,542 (sadly you have already informed me this is getting the axe)
  7. Air: 5,268 - 84 = 5,184 (also on the chopping block)
  8. Sweet Tooth: 9,718 - 106 = 9,612 (I don't see this title intended to last for too many more years but maybe I'm wrong)
  9. Unwritten: 13,630 - 123 = 13,507 (if they cancel this series I may have to burn something down, I want to see this title pass the #50 marker for sure, assuming Carey has plans for it to that length)
  10. Northlanders: 7,824 - 141 = 7,683 (this is one of those titles that could technically be dropped at any point and it wouldn't damage the overall story but I pray it won't get the boot)
  11. Jack of Fables: 11,472 - 148 = 11,324 (after 40 issues I think this'll be going for a while even though the protagonist has changed)
  12. House of Mystery: 9,350 - 182 = 9,168 (one of my favorite titles on the market, if this dies, so does a part of my soul)
  13. Greek Street: 6,603 - 279 = 6,324 (this title is really getting good now that I can get a handle on what's going on...I don't know if this new arc will be positive for readership or negative though)
  14. American Vampire: 33,762 - 6,992 = 26, 770 (understandable because March was #1 and sales should be expected to dip after a second issue...the comic will actually get pricier with #6 though so I don't know if that's good)
  15. I, Zombie: N/A (only came out in May)

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