Vertigo NYCC Panel

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Whilst the OGNs are still going strong, we only get a couple new mini-series (both not completely new) and no new ongoing series. So disappointing.
The Azzarello/Risso tease is awesome but it does not mean much right now. That goes double for Berenger saying Vertigo would want to work with the team from Unknown Soldier again.
The best news of the panel was American Vampire dropping a dollar in price.
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Yeah, I'm disappointed at the lack of new titles...I mean with all the titles being killed off, where are their replacements? As for The New York Five, I now feel like I need to read The New York Four but I was never really interested in the Minx line considering its aimed at teenage girls. 
DMZ ending at 72 came as a surprise though, I always imagined somewhere in the mid-60's but at least the book's ending naturally. Oh and I'm ecstatic for Hellblazer #275! I find it odd they make it an anniversary issue since 250 was one and 300 will likely be, it seems like a bunch of anniversary issues if you ask me. 
Also, two sites have said they showed a picture of Darkness in the Family...are they meaning Sickness in the Family? 
Pretty interesting that 40+ issues in and its the first time the co-creators of Scalped have met...reminds me of Brian and Eduardo with 100 Bullets. 
I'm interested in Cinderella: Fables are Forever, From Fabletown with Love wasn't perfect but Roberson's I, Zombie's getting good so I want to see if he's improved on Cinderella. 
Get Jiro automatically made me think of Chew and how Vertigo rejected it...but I won't worry too much about that. 
Also sad the story length is dropping down but I'll live I guess :(

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@aztek the lost: I too would not be interested in NYF except, Brian Wood. Love all his work. 
275 being another celebratory issue does seem silly. I have a bad feeling Hellblazer is not going to be around that much longer.
They must mean Sickness. Doubt they would already announce another.
I was shocked by the Scalped fact. I always imagined comic working relationships to be close.
Two pages down is not that big. The writers will make it work.
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@Pizawle: Demo Volume II is my favorite of his stuff so far, he's a great writer of character. Mike Carey did a few Minx books too and he's written/writing some pretty awesome comics... 
 shoves his fingers in his ears and shouts I'M NOT LISTENING!
yeah, I guess, I just found it stupid to have two Vertigo Crime novels with such similar names 
I wasn't surprised this time though I was with 100 Bullets, to find out they need a translator just to communicate and they did 100 issues together? it makes the editor's role seem so much more significant 
yeah, I know, I probably won't even notice but it's still too bad

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