Vertigo, does it need a change?

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Is it when Axel Alonso went to Marvel? Is it when Neil Gaiman sandman finish and he didn't really stick around?  Is it because they are confused and don't know to collect their back catalog or cancel new series? Is it the new co-publishers with Jim Lee and Dan Didio?
I personally think Vertigo needs Alonso back, give him Karen Berger's job.  Maybe there is need for new blood in Vertigo Management.  I don't think Berger has an understanding with the comic market any more..... in the last 5 years more then half the Vertigo series didn't last 3 years.  Her Minx line didn't last 2 years.  Berger got lucky with the British Invasion, she can't strike gold anymore, she needs to go.

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Vertigo stays where it is, almost everything i have of Vertigo is superb. 

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may I ask what do you have?  And if you just say Fables and the Sandman related stuff... then I void your comment. 
Vertigo is failing as an imprint when someone like Peter Milligan can't have a Vertigo series lasting more then 3 years. 

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 Though it saddens me to admit it I'm in complete agreement with you Silkcuts, Vertigo hasn't been the same for years now. In fact my hardcore credibility is going to be quashed immediately by the fact that I must confess to no longer following the books as closely as I once did (During the 90, early 2000's when pretty much everything the imprint released was gold), so my perspective can perhaps only be that of a pariah nowadays. Though I must say some of the books that became successful in the 2000's weren't altogether to my taste and thought some a little overrated, I also felt as though Vetigo's identity though still fascinating was perhaps  being fractured somewhat, and my attention (nay obsession lol) waned somewhat. Perhaps the basic ingredient needed is quite a simple one, all though hard to actually attain: Really, really good idea's that genuinely capture the public imagination. Perhaps your right, perhaps Karen Berger is a part of the problem, but when it comes down to it it's the basic creative spark that is the fundamental Zeitgeist of the business and it's very true that she struck it lucky with the British invasion, but what can you do if there isn't necessarily a fresh pool of talent to work with? But like I say I'm merely a pariah and my opinion is perhaps somewhat abstracted. 

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@Orpheus Anathema:  So you don't read much newer Vertigo, eh?  There have been a lot of great reads, like 100 Bullets, Y: The Last Man, Preacher, Transmet.  But Overall Vertigo's main problem is their loss of focus.
Swamp Thing Vol.5 was scrapped because of the new mandate.  Madame Xanadu axed because she is going back to the DCU.  Most of the minis don't get collected unless its Grant Morrison.  Vertigo have gone from the respected "literary" and "Sophisticated" to the "Cool" imprint of fables and the other big series I mentioned above.  Vertigo gives up on series too early now.... Greek Street for example was canceled before the 2nd trade and that is a Peter Milligan book.
Dysart Swamp Thing was left extremely open ended... Dysart also not being as huge as a "Ennis" or "Ellis" his Unknown Solider was canceled prematurely as well.
I don't mind the creator owned.  I actually like them, I just wish they were given more of a fighting chance.  Sales become more imporant then the story and Vertigo, when I got into them was about "Story". Vertigo's focus is gone and I think it is lost without its heart as well.
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@Orpheus Anathema:  Y: The Last Man is good because it is accessible to everyone.  But not accessible like fables, accessible because of the literary level.  Y: The Last Man plays a lot on the "End" of society and also a lot on Shakespeare.  But not knowing Shakespeare does not hinder the enjoyment since Brian K. Vaughn makes it understandable.  
X-Statix was get because it was a Marvel books with "Vertigo" level written in it.  Peter Milligan is an excellent writer, Michael Allred has illustrated for VErtigo before and even Axel Alonso was a former Editor of Vertigo....
I don't know what happened to Art Young, but he edited a lot of Grant Morrison and Peter Milligan work.  I am not putting the blame on Berger, I just wonder if she has lost her edge.
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vertigo dosn't release any interesting series now. i think it should make a change. yes vertigo always go with what writers wanted. but i think they can't let writer writes too freely, need to take some action here. if dc just let vertigo flow like this someday it would end up like wildstorm now.

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@mrtrickster said:
" vertigo dosn't release any interesting series now. . "
that statement is pure ridiculousness IMO 
are you reading everything? (I am)
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@aztek the lost said:
" @mrtrickster said:
" vertigo dosn't release any interesting series now. . "
what???????!!!!  that statement is pure ridiculousness IMO  are you reading everything? (I am) "

i'm not reading anything on vertigo right now except hellblazer which i don't think is interesting anymore. i might drop it very soon 
i used to follow fables but not any more 
  • DMZ #58 (OCT-20)
  • FABLES #99 (OCT-20)
  • GREEK STREET #16 (OCT-06)
  • HELLBLAZER #272 (OCT-20)
  • IZOMBIE #6 (OCT-06)
  • JACK OF FABLES #48 (OCT-27)
  • MADAME XANADU #27 (OCT-06)
  • MADAME XANADU #28 (OCT-27)
  •     SCALPED #41 (OCT-06)

  • SCALPED #42 (OCT-27)
  • SWEET TOOTH #14 (OCT-06)
  • THE UNWRITTEN #18 (OCT-13)
    now these are what would released this month, tell me which one is interesting i might take a look:)

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    @mrtrickster:  I can't believe you dropped fables and Hellblazer.... If neither of those two float your boat... I am not sure what you are looking for right now.
    I am not saying Hellblazer is great right now because John Constantine is my favorite character, it is really good right now with Shade in the mix.  City of Demons is the best mini hellblazer had ever and its only one issue in, that is how good that one is. ( Here)
    House of Mystery is great, full of Drama and excitement.
    Madame Xanadu is magical.  Just a great series.
    Unknown Solider, DMZ both great eye openers politically or the human condition.
    Scalped if you like the noir crime stuff.
    Greek Street is done, so that you can pass on.
    Northlanders I think is the only ongoing Viking story.
    American Vampire is great, read the first trade. ( Here)
    Unwritten is Mike Carey's best series since Lucifer.
    I personally love Sweet Tooth.  Closest fix I can get to Y: the Last man or Elk's Run.
    I, Zombie is a good time to up in, since he 2nd arc is starting the the first trade is early next year.  Great art, even better concept.  I, Zombie is the most reviewed series Vertigo has on the Comicvine... I think its 4 of us who review it.
    Vertigo Resurrected is great ( Here
    Green Woman haven't read. But it looks great.
    *Side Note:  I wrote this blog a while ago, and the purpose was to point out that Vertigo was having problems.  Which they still do.  Air, Madame Xanadu, Greek Street and Unknown Solider all canceled, some mind you very suspicious like Madame Xanadu and Unknown Solider. I was also trying to "suggest" Didio and Lee maybe a problem, which I address in more detail in later blogs...  If you just read the title of the blog, then sure answer titles and whatever.  But the real root to Vertigo's Problem is Didio ( Here)
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    @Silkcuts: there're couples of reason i can't follow it.  everytime i only follow 1 or 2 vertigo books everymonth, and my comics shop don't really have enough vertigo books , and if the book don't interest me so much i won't put it on my pulls list. so everytime i would wait to find cheap trades from amazon to save budget.  
    but thanks for the info, anyway i might buy Madame Xanadu paperback from amazon :)
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    @mrtrickster said:
    " @Silkcuts: there're couples of reason i can't follow it.  everytime i only follow 1 or 2 vertigo books everymonth, and my comics shop don't really have enough vertigo books , and if the book don't interest me so much i won't put it on my pulls list. so everytime i would wait to find cheap trades from amazon to save budget.  but thanks for the info, anyway i might buy Madame Xanadu paperback from amazon :) "
    It happens that way, the comic culture has changed a lot and Vertigo hasn't changed with the times.  The fans at average just don't support the books monthly like they use too.  Madame Xanadu is wrapping up, but it is great still, especially as trades.  
    - Silkcuts
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    I do not really see how someone cannot find even one thing that interests them from the Vertigo line-up. So much variety and it is all top quality work.

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    SERIOUSLY? the only book ending soon, well books are northlanders and DMZ sometime near the end of the year/early 2012. vertigo is going through change because the real DC characters went back but otherwise now vertigo is a truly creator owned line. people make books there which they could not make at marvel(not even at icon) or DC proper. after DMZ ends, there will be a need for a legacy book(a book which lasts over a year or two) but otherwise vertigo is the place where you go to read real stories, not just superhero mumbo jumbo.

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    @mikeclark1982: did you not notice this blog is over a year old?

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