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I just visited kissime and i picked up a some trades from "Books a Million", I Got "Venom"(Flash Thompson), Spiderman: Vengance of Venom, ThunderBolts(Norman Osborns Version) and Spider Island. I also got the latest version of Jack O Lantern vs Venom and after reading them all, i must say Eddie Brock Venom is the best, wouldnt neccesarily say by far but he is the best.

Eddie uses the symbiotes full potential, Camoflage, superior physicall abilities and he had his ambush game going on pretty good, even though he might be the physically weakest incarnation of Venom, he is the smartest and most cunning. He is truly the darker reflection of spiderman in the mirror

Mac Gargan was just ferocious and brutal, he has never done anything to actually impress me besides stale mate colossous and mauled Daken and bullseye which is a feat for him, it just shows even though he is stupid,clumbsy and acts like a drunken club goer on a friday night he could be extremely dangerous and not to be underestimated, however he shouldnt be overestimated either.

Flash Thompson, Is a trained soldier, who if given time could actually live up to Eddie Brocks legend if he is continued to be wriiten properly, he uses the symbiote almost as good as eddie but goes berserk like Gargan. I just Loved in "Venom" # 12 and #9 how he just goes straight Beast and becomes this unstoppable killing machine. I assume and hope the symbiote kept its strength level from when it was with mac as i see it kept its ferociousness.

Ultimately,i hope Marvel makes Venom(Flash) go up against more stronger opponents that truly make venom a "A list Threat" in the marvel universe, I hope the writer puts him up against some physically brutal and powerful opponents that he can beast out and somehow offically define his debatable strength level,i want to see venom take out a threat that no one ever expected (Rulk in a serious no hold barred battle,(Colossous/Juggernaut would do just as fine as they got history).

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I'm always hard pressed on this issue. Brock is close to my heart and what he was designed as established what Venom is. But love for my old dolls aside, really it's always been hard to say as it seems more a question of whose writing whichever Venom and when. Gargan had his cool moments, but, wow did he have a lot of bad ones and especially he went out looking the fool. But, there's been some ridiculous Brock stuff as well. Flash, not much proving ground there really and about all of it under a really competent writer whose also in his element with the character. Why I'm inclined to think this way is Gargan specifically, as he could have been something great, and it was shown under the right writer. " There are no bad characters, just lost opportunities. " If I had to answer definitively I would say Venom, the symbiote and it's legacy really, not including hosts other than the three you mentioned.

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Eddie, with Flash at a close second.

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I love Flash and Eddie equally to be honest.

You know, they should have Venom try to return to Eddie, but only partly succeds. Part of it staying with Flash, and the other part returning to Eddie.

The Venom side which still likes Spiderman going to Flash.

The Venom side which still hates Spiderman going to Eddie.

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Eddie had his time as Venom, and while it was great, I am excited to see what Flash will go on to do with the symbiote.

@GothikKnight: I wouldn't want to see Brock get the Venom symbiote back, as it currently looks as though he will be hunting them down. However, I would not be opposed to him either getting a new sym or taking over for one of the others

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@r3d_rob1n: Brock as the new Toxin probably wouldn't be to bad. Toxin currently doesn't have a host and from what i've seen its the most passive of all the sym's.

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