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Last month when Toxin (Brock) first encountered Venom (Flash), he mentioned a spawning:

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At first I thought that this was Eddie Brock speaking - he had knowledge of this spawning and began killing symbiotes (Hybrid, Scream). However with Toxin's behavior in The Savage Six arc and the fact that I do not think Brock would voluntarily work for Crime Master, I think that this is the Toxin Symbiote speaking to the Venom Symbiote. When he says 'we' in the speech bubble, it sounds like he is referring to Toxin and Brock, which would mean that since the symbiote is in complete control (who knows what it as been through since it was removed from Pat) it will be holding Brock prisoner as its host. Regardless of what this spawning turns out to be, I hope that it is not an abandoned story when the new team takes over the series.

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Its probably going to have something to do with the symbiote event coming up.

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The Venom symbiote also gives us a hint that somethings gonna happen.

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I really think brock needs to be anti-venom for this event, who is better suited to lead a war against symbiotes?

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@VenomousDragon said:

I really think brock needs to be anti-venom for this event, who is better suited to lead a war against symbiotes?


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Would prefer Eddie Brock being a badass on his own against the symbiotes than with Anti-Venom at this point.

Anti-Venom was awesome though.

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If there we're a Symbiote event i would love too see a venom (flash), Brock n Carnage team up

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@WWAJfan: Carnage will probably be the villian as evidented in the Marvel announctment of "Minimum Carnage".Have no idea what it means thought...

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