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Off The Leash

this is one of my all time favorite series. Before Flash, Eddie Brock, The Venom, was my all time favorite villain , and when flash became the Venom, i nearly lost it, but honestly, this is an awesome series.

First thing first, the art was good, not bad definitely, it is very gritty and dark, and it suits the setting Bunn is trying to create. The Battles are cool, and the new toxin design rocks. but at certain moments, that art felt a little off, especially with the faces, maybe it's just me, but i can't say for sure.

now as for the plot, though i might not like the idea that flash is becoming distant from other characters like peter, whom he should be friends with, though since peter is ock now, it's natural that he wouldn't return flash's calls. but this opens up a new opportunity to introduce new characters. Bunn is trying to establish flash as a her of his own, he is just adjusting, and ironically he is a coach now, which......complicates things, care to guess why?

There is also the fact that flash is struggling with the symbiot, which is interesting because it foreshadows ( the covers hint this too) the true Venoms inevitable return.

As for the rest, the whole idea of flash moving was yet again the fact that he was going to be his own man, and bunn is even giving him his own cast of interesting villains, not to mention that there are references from the previous issue.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...TOXIN. i don't know about you guys, but i really liked the way toxin/eddie was written, because it was close to his character. Eddie, yet again believes that he is the tool of god to rid the world of evil , but he has some scores to settle as well. and i am very glad the eddie is bough back, he is too good of a character to be ignored.

But here is where the problem lies, we have yet again another cliff hanger, which would be the third one already, now i understand that this only further rises the excitement, but i am just tired of it.

in short, this was a pretty solid issue, with a great story, and great gritty art. If you want some symbiot, dark heroic struggle goodness, then this is the book for you.

Recommendation : Pick it Up or We will eat your Cerebral cortex.

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