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Venom, Monster of Evil

Not a bad issue from Cullen Bunn after that Deadpool KIlls nonsense. The writing for Flash in this issue is pretty standard - although a little bit more like a Peter Parker style of dialogue - but good nonetheless. This three issue arc was a little bit of a filler storyline until the Minimum Carnage (which I am quite looking forward to). I only say that because they just got off the circle of four story which they note in the end few panels, with the demonic pentagram seal on his chest. I think Cullen Bunn is doing a fair job, not as awesome as Remender, but that's just my opinion, plain and simple.

The art by Thony Silas is fitting and overall pretty good, as it has been for the last few issues now. I like the difference in regular Flash Thompson Venom and the Demonic evil king Venom with the horns and wings, it's just a cool transition. Overall good couple of issues, can't wait for the next story.

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