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An End of an Era and Zero Hour crossover issue. After their losses at New Earth, Valor and Shadow Lass head to Baldur, to regroup with the Legion members fighting Glorith and Mordru. The original Legion and their SW6 counterparts have faced many losses in the battle, mostly from members being erased from time by the time distortions. Valor and Shadow Lass arrive with one other hero in tow: the pre-Crisis Superboy. The Legions rally around the appearance of Superboy, and push forward. Valor uses Glorith’s love for him against her, dropping her and absorbing her power. At first, Valor uses that power to fight Mordru. But Brainiac 5 realizes that their key is to let Mordru have all the power. Valor does, and Mordru can’t hold onto it all. The power destroys Mordru, but a stray blast critically wounds Shadow Lass. Her pain does not last long, however, as she, Valor, and Superboy fade from time. Meanwhile, the Time Trapper rescues Cosmic Boy from the Infinite Library, and reveals his true identity. 

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