"Harbinger" movie anyone?

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Back in the early '90s, Jim Shooter started Valiant Comics, a company that promised above all else "quality and entertainment."

Being an avid collector at the time, I was always on the lookout for something new. While I collected a wide variety of titles from the big two (particularly Marvel), my passion had always been to find the oddball titles that few others were aware even existed. And I bought just about anything! From the early days of TMNT (not lucky enough to bag the first issue) to titles such as Cerebus, Flaming Carrot, Mighty Mites, Hard Boiled, Usagi Yojimbo and countless others I can barely even remember.

Anyway, my recent encounter with this site has got me thinking about some of the titles I used to collect. One of those titles was Valiant's "Harbinger." To this very day I have no idea as to why I insisted on purchasing this comic (as well as a few others by Valiant) on a regular basis. While I truly enjoyed the writing, the artwork was average at best. Hell, I couldn't stand Liefeld and his inability to draw a proper background, yet here I was purchasing comics whose artwork just did not impress me at all.

Best part? I purchased two of each of the first six issues because I wanted to send away for a special issue #0 that you could only acquire by cutting out a coupon that was stapled into the magazine, and mailing it in. Supposedly I am one of the "lucky" few who possess this rare issue. Anyway I quickly lost interest shortly afterwards and stopped collecting the Harbinger title.

So here I am doing a Google search of Valiant's Harbinger, only to find an article posted on Variety Magazine online (dated Monday, March 10, 2008) regarding Paramount Pictures acquisition of the rights to turn Harbinger into a full length motion picture!

So here's my question: is anyone actually interested in this?

Interest in this company's comics died within a very short period of time, and even at it's height, their titles were not very popular. Now after so many years have passed, a major studio is preparing to film a movie based on one of it's titles?

Very odd in my opinion. I just don't see much interest, but I could be wrong. And that's where you all come in!

Here's the link to Variety:


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Well then, I guess I was right! The deafening silence says it all.

Although I'm a bit surprised that nobody commented on the throwback. I know the overwhelming majority of this site's members are below the age of 25, but I expected to see comic fans engage in more discussions about characters from companies other than Marvel and DC.

Ya know, when you refuse to talk about independents, the terrorists win!

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@Breast Master: I'd love a Harbinger movie, out of all the Valiant relaunches that one is my favourite 

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