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V shows us how to create a Brave New World

Here's the deal, if you like dystopian settings, caped crusaders and a deep plot with lots and lots of twists, you surely woudl like V for Vendetta, if you don't mind the crazy lines that V speaks anytime, if you're ready to read what perversion and totalitarian parties are capable of, in order to assure their reign and rip freedom out from people's side. Then buy this thing right now!

If you're not fan of those above, then you should read V for Vendetta as well. As Alan Moore has taught us through the years, his Comic Books series ain't just Superheroes stories against bad guys and a lot of Silver Age one-liners but complex literature maspterpieces... That's why you're OUGHT to read V for Vendetta to learn that we all have the choice, the power, to work things the way they should be.

10 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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