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Star Trek Canon Special Note

Not everything listed in the origin is Canon. That is because only television shows and movies are considered canon for Star Trek. This being a comic website there are many things here that are not canon. So unless it is contradicted in film it should be listed as part of the object origin.

On the Bridge
On the Bridge

Originally the test-bed for the Federation's failed Great Experiment. Excelsior's class eventually became the backbone of Starfleet. The Excelsior class ship took its name from the first ship of it's type. The U.S.S. Excelsior. The starship had many different crews but the most famous were Hikaru Sulu a Captain and Commander Janice Rand. Sulu even had a hand in it's design.


The Ship model for the Excelsior was created in the Star Trek films. It was so well thought of that it appeared in many films and television shows as the Excelsior and other ships of it's class.

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