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A costumed heroine who only appeared in seven issues of Quality's FEATURE COMICS was USA the Spirit of Old Glory. She was a young girl who sat at the feet of Betsy Ross in 1777, excitedly watching the American Flag first come into being. She was given some of the remaining threads from the cloth that went into the very first Old Glory, and she put them for safekeeping into a locket kept around her neck. She ran out to tell her Uncle Sam about what she had watched, but in the rain she grew sick and in Uncle Sam's presence she died. Years later, an old man found the locket in a overgrown Philadelphia cemetary. When he opened the locket, USA, the Spirit of Old Glory came to life again to protect her country. The heroine was a young woman who had no secret identity, even when she donned an army uniform to investigate trouble at an army base or when she joined other ladies who worked in a munitions plant. She wore a brief blue outfit and blue boots. Her cape, the American flag, gave the power of flight, repelled bullets, and fluttered to warn her when the country was in danger. She carried a gold torch that used beams of light and energy to reveal things, clobber the bad guys and in one story melt metel. Her short career in pre-war America was taken up in battling sabetours who meant to destroy her defenses and prey on the people. Her stories were drawn by Maurice Gutwirth.


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