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Not much is known of the little mischievous critter named Urk, except he loves to chew on wires. The only readable word Urk has ever said is "Urk." He has also spoken an unreadable alien language, though.


Urk was created by Keith Giffen and Paul Levitz.

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

Urk (Bronze Age)
Urk (Bronze Age)

As a member of the Legion Academy. Duo Damsel was not pleased when Urk's habit of dismantling and eating of electronics proved to be a disruption in class.

Retroboot / New Earth

Urk (New Earth)
Urk (New Earth)

Years later Urk appeared with many other Legion allies and former members to help the Legion of Superheroes fight Superboy Prime in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. Urk has most recently appeared again with the Legion Academy, where he still remains a background character whose major characteristic is a hunger for electronics.

Major Story Arcs

Retroboot / New Earth

Graduation Day

Urk was present when Cosmic Boy and Duplicate Girl gathered four Legion Academy members to prepare them for their final exams and graduation, but it was not clear why he was there. He may be thought of as a type of mascot for the Legion Academy at this point.

Powers and Abilities

Super Eating

He can eat electronics wires.

Other Versions

Other Media

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