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Uri-El stands for "the bane of demons walks the Earth again" and he is a mystical being and peer of Michael and Gabriel. His sword cuts with the edge of truth and he holds the key to the very gates of Heaven. Uri-El's true purpose is to drive the forces of darkness to the four corners with his purifying light of unspeakable joy. Uri-El had slayed multitudes of the undead with his white flame until a dire mage of darkness from the valley of Euphrates contained him inside a magic seal. For centuries, that seal was riven and remade thirteen times and with each loosing, Uri-El would reduce the undead. Uri-El would be bounded to that magic seal once more until a powerful vampire named Charnel recovered his crate inside a cemetery in Elizabeth. Charnel did not work alone and another mistress of evil named Shelob wanted the mystic seal to lure Johnny Blaze to her web. Several undead henchmen accidentally moved the chains which broke the magic seal and set Uri-El free. Uriel maimed and killed some of the abominations until Shelob restrained him with her mystic webbing. Shelob remade the seal and Charnel planned to unmake Uri-El with Johnny Blaze's hellfire. 
Johnny Blaze was after Charnel and his undead followers. Blaze received some assistance from the Punisher because these undead vampires were also selling heroine to kids and the two decided to work together. Blaze and the Punisher found the gathering of the undead at a cemetery right off the Jersey turnpike with the crate that contained Uri-El. Blaze shot the crate and Uri-El was set free. However Uri-El mistaken Blaze and the Punisher as foes and attacked them both. Blaze used his hellfire shotgun on Uri-El and appeared to have slain him. Charnel and his army cheered and praised Blaze for destroying Uri-El. During that time, a cosmic fissure appeared above them and out came the Wendigo with Blaze's children, Craig and Emma. Wendigo went after Charnel and a huge brawl took place between the forces of good and evil. Blaze came across the sword of Uri-El and used it to slay the undead and their leader, Charnel. Uri-El reappeared after the battle and Blaze returned his sword to him. Uri-El offered his peace to Johnny Blaze and he vanished in a flash of white light.  
Uri-El is listed as status undetermined for the Initiative program in the Civil War Battle Damage Report.

Powers & Abilities

Uri-El is a mystical being and powerful warrior of Heaven. Uri-El is a skilled swordsman and his sword is endowed with white fire and cuts with the edge of truth. Uri-El is vulnerable to magic and hellfire.

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