Uncanny X-Men #3

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The Good

The first couple issues have given us different feels for what to expect in this series. The first gave us an outside view on Cyclops' team and the 'revolution' he's trying to start. The second showed us a little more of the team but still didn't quite give us an idea where this was all going. This issue changes things.

In the confrontation between Cyclops and Captain America, we get to find out more on how the two feel about the state of things since their last encounter in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. Cyclops makes a compelling argument but it's hard to completely buy into everything he's saying as parts of it are a little too extreme. That's what makes this X-Men title different from the other ones.

This isn't the X-Men in the traditional sense. We've seen the team on the outs with the authorities but never quite at this level. As fugitives, it's a completely different game and you'll find yourself torn as to whether or not you agree with Cyclops' philosophy. The story elevates to an intense level as you're not sure who's going to make the first move while at the same time, we have that typical and refreshing Brian Michael Bendis' humor thrown right in the middle of it all.

Bendis also takes a little time to allow us to get to know one of the new mutants. In a single opening page, we find out a great deal. This tiny flashback humanizes the character and we no longer have just another random new character with powers. And of course there's more on the 'traitor.' Have we seen all there is to see?

I enjoy Chris Bachalo's art more and more each time I see it. There are some really great scenes as the intensity builds and by switching the perspective, it adds to the feel of the story. Bachalo is also doing the colors here. There were a few panels with plane/empty backgrounds but the way the color meshed with scenes, it added a really nice feel to the vibe of the art.

The Bad

I've enjoyed the first two issues but this one really stood out. The combination of the suspense, action, humor and twists easily made this one of my favorite comics this week. There is still a feeling that something big is about to happen. This was a great issue but I feel we're still building towards something even bigger.

The Verdict

I've been enjoying this series quite a bit but this one really cranked up the excitement. Just as Bendis' ALL-NEW X-MEN has that sense of unknown because it's hard to say how long the characters from the past can stay in the future, this one also leaves you wondering how long can Cyclops operate with his new extreme way of thinking. The argument he makes gets you thinking and it's really hard to determine if he's right or not. Chris Bachalo's art is fun to see and the way he lays out each scene really adds to the feel of the story. With a final scene that will make you stare at Cyclops in awe, Bendis is taking it to the next level. For those that wondered if he could do the X-Men justice needn't worry any longer. Bendis is completely shaking up the X-Men Universe and it's become an exciting time to read X-Men comics once again.


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