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It's not war yet, but it will be soon!

What's happening and why it's happening.
What's happening and why it's happening.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend (and a bunch of other people).

The Good

Cyclops and Maria Hill have a telepathic conversation.
Cyclops and Maria Hill have a telepathic conversation.

War between Cyclops and his mutants/Uncanny X-Men against S.H.I.E.L.D. is imminent! Cyclops is doing his best to protect his X-Men from those that would seek to destroy them and is the face of the New Mutant revolution. In this issue, Cyclops meets Maria Hill and gains information on the Sentinels, and Maria Hill is getting closer-and-closer to arresting Cyclops.

Brian Michael Bendis makes this feel like an action packed series with high stakes. And parts of this issue does make it feel like that. Cyclops is fighting for the survival of his species, and even though his character has changed drastically in recent years, deep down Cyclops has always been like this. That's what I love about the character. Cyclops is THE X-Man who will do whatever it takes even if he thinks it is slightly good. You can tell from reading this issue that Bendis (when Cyclops does have face time), emphasizes on this character trait and how others react to it. That highlight alone is one of the best aspects of this issue.

The conversation between Maria Hill and Cyclops is just amazing and it played off really well. It showed how Cyclops' reach has no boundaries and that he makes sure that he is 10 steps ahead of everyone.

The artwork is fantastic! I absolutely love the art from Chris Bachalo as he's one of the best X-Men artist currently. The colors and just about everything that pertains to art, works good with his style.

The Bad

This issue did lose me a couple of times. More than once, specifically the parts that didn't have Cyclops, the entire story lost me. I do like how Cyclops is the face of the "New Mutant Revolution", but with him being it's face -- the revolutionist needed more "face time." If you aren't a die hard X-Men fan, you will know that if you don't know or don't see someone you recognize, you immediately lose interest because you are going "huh, who's that? or when did that happen?" UNCANNY X-MEN is a great series, but for those that are looking for something more in this one issue, they will lose interest frequently.

The Verdict

Will you make a move to read this series?
Will you make a move to read this series?

X-Books aren't for everyone, because the story can make you lose interest if you don't know what has happened in the past year or so. However, for those that do stick with it even with the lack of knowledge, know that you will have an enjoyable experience. The creative team behind this story is pretty good and I'm interested in what will happen next for Cyclops and company. 3 out of 5.

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